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A person or entity (including a company, state, etc.) who makes an investment, risk-taking, ie investment.

Select this option if you are to invest into a project or business.

This platform will become a universal tool in finding of attractive projects in spite of you are an individual or a bank or a fund.

An investor can create public or private answer to one's project, to carry on correspondence and later set yourself as an official project investor.


Select this option if you need funding for your project or business.

It's a very good opportunity for an initiator to present one's project, despite start-up or final stage of a project.

The platform tools help you to provide all needed information about your business idea and you are also able to attach additional documents like photo and video content.

This feature provides you to say as mush as possible about your project and introduce it in the business market.

Terms of Use of LookInvestment.com resources

Please carefully read these terms of use before using this site. By using this site, you fully agree to these terms of use. Otherwise, please, do not use this site.

Given user agreement is a legal agreement between you and Lookinvestment and applies to all services provided by Lookinvestment.


Lookinvestment.com site (hereinafter - the site) is controlled by Lookinvestment (hereinafter referred to as "we", "us" or "our").

User (also referred to as "you" or "your") means any natural or legal person who uses the site.


  1. About Lookinvestment.
    1. The site provides a platform for placing and retrieval of investment projects and discussing of the projects by all stakeholders.
    2. The registration is not required to review materials posted on the site. But in order to take part in discussions, be able to respond to the draft and write to other members, you must register.
    3. User registration on the site is free.
      When you register you can specify only the minimum necessary information, but we recommend you to provide as much information as possible. This will determine the confidence rating - the rating that shows the other participants all the information you have provided.
  2. When using the services of the site the user must:
    1. Comply with Russian legislation, these rules and other special documents of the site;
    2. Provide reliable and relevant data  at the registration and update it if necessary;
    3. Never put information and objects (including links), which may violate the rights and interests of others on your personal page;
    4. Before placing the information and objects (including images of other people, other people's texts of different content and so on) you should estimate the lawfulness of their placement;
    5. You should keep in secret and not to provide to other users and third parties any personal data received as a result of communication with other users or other use of the Site, including home addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, ICQ, passport details, bank information and so on as well and information about the privacy of other users and third parties without obtaining prior permission;
  3. The users of the site are prohibited to:
    1. Register as a user for another person or using other person’s name at registration ("false account"), while there is a possibility o f registering on behalf of another natural person or legal entity provided all the necessary authorization in the manner and form stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation are present;
    2. Mislead users as to your identity, using a login and password of another registered users;
    3. Falsify information about yourself, your age or your relations with other persons or organizations;
    4. upload and publish any information that:
      • threatens, insults, defames the honor and dignity or business reputation or violates the privacy of other users or third parties;
      • violates the rights of minors;
      • is vulgar or obscene, contains foul language, contains pornographic images and texts or scenes of a sexual nature involving minors;
      • promotes racial, religious, ethnic hatred or hostility, promoting the ideology of fascism or racial superiority;
      • contains extremist materials;
      • promotes criminal activity or contains tips, instructions or guidelines for the commission of criminal acts
      • contains information of limited access, including state and commercial secrets, information about the private life of third parties and so on;
      • is fraudulent in nature;
      • is violating other rights and interests of citizens and legal persons or legal requirements of the Russian Federation.
    5. Illegally to upload and share the intellectual property of other users and third parties;
    6. To make attempts to gain access to login and password of another user by any means, including deception, abuse of trust, hacking and so on;
    7. Illegally to collect and process personal data of other persons;
  4. 4. Common rules for participants
    1. The user is solely responsible for any information posted on the site, provided to other users, as well as any interactions with other users are made at your own risk;
    2. Using the site increases the chance of an entrepreneur to raise capital and for investors – to find promising investment projects. Any deal between the parties, whether for sale or purchase of investments, is considered a private transaction only between entrepreneurs and investors, without any participation or authorization of Lookinvestment.
    3. We will periodically publish the analysis that should be used for educational purposes only. These materials reflect the subjective opinion of their authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the site administration.
    4. Incase of disagreement with these User Rules or software updates, User must stop using it, notifying the Administration of the Site in the prescribed manner.
  5. Terms of intellectual property rights
    1. All items featured on this site, including design elements, text, graphics, images, videos, scripts, programs, and other objects and their selection (hereinafter - the content), are subject to the exclusive rights of administration, site users and other rights holders, all rights to these objects are protected.
    2. Copying, processing, distribution, publication, download, transfer, sale or use by any other means, in whole or in part without prior permission, except in cases where the rights holder explicitly allow the free use of content by any person and in cases provided for by these rules, as well as current legislation.
    3. Posting the lawful content, the user gives other users the right to view, playback (including copying), processing (including printing copies) of this content including other rights to personal, noncommercial use, except causes where such use may cause harm to legally protected interests of the copyright holder.
    4. By placing your content on the site, the user transmits the administration the right to make copies of content to structure and organize the materials on the site.
    5. By placing the content on the site, the user provides the administration the right to use it by copying, reproducing, processing, translation and other uses for the creation of collections, information digests, etc., as well as other objectives of the site and related activities.
  6. External links and other sites.
    1. Site Lookinvestment may contain external links to other sites created by both management and other users. The content on these sites will not be checked and their accuracy will not be controlled.
    2. Any link to any site on the Lookinvestment website is not an endorsement or recommendation of those sites, their products and services from the administration.
    3. By clicking on any links from our site to other sites, you do so at your own risk and without any guarantees on our part.
  7. Administration Disclaimer of the Lookinvestment Site.
    1. The site and all its services are supplied "as they are". The Administration does not guarantee any results when using the site.
    2. Under no circumstances shall the site Lookinvestment, as well as its administration and representatives be liable to users and to any third party for any damages arising from use of the site or any indirect, including lost profits, lost data, damage to business reputation, honor and dignity and so on.
    3. The Administration will make every effort to maintain the operation of the site. However,       users should be aware that routine maintenance and technical problems that are beyond the control of administration may lead to delays in page access.
    4. Administration of Lookinvestment is not responsible for any damage caused by the interaction of users of the site, both on site and outside of it. It’s only responsibility of the user for the interpretation and use of information obtained through the site. We encourage our users to contact a qualified professional to inspect and evaluate information that they receive.

Administration reserves the right to block any user who violates this agreement and / or social ethics. We also reserve the right to fully or partially disable the site if necessary.

The Administration reserves the right to make changes and additions to these rules unilaterally. Changes take effect upon publication on the Lookinvestment site.

Privacy Policy.

This document describes how your personal information is collected, usedand stored.
Respect for your privacy is important to us so please read this document and please contact us if you have any questions.

Browsing the contents of the site.

The information about visitors collected during normal browsingof the site does not exceed the average amount of information collected by typical Internet serverin server logs within general technical objects. The server protocols data may include the IP-address of any user, but this information will never be shared in public.

Information provided to you.

During account registration, we ask you to provide the minimum amount of personal data, namely, login, password and email.

This information is required for your identification within the system.

If desired, you can specify your personal and contact details on the "personal data" page. Also, you can choose what information will be visible for other users and what will not be.

Provision of passport data (or other document identifying the person) by you is optional, and it is needed only in order to enhance your credibility for other users within the system. Passport details are not visible to other users.

After checking your passport details by the administrator, all copies of the documents uploaded by you on the "personal data" page are deleted from the server.


A cookie is a temporary session ID that the visitor's browser provides to the web site each time the visitor returns. You can disable this option in case you do not intend to authorize or create and edit. In this case cookies will be deleted at the end of every browser session. Additional cookies may be installed at the authorization in order to avoid typing in your username and password (depending on the settings of your browser) on your next visit. If your browser has the option of saving user name and / or password enabled then this information will be sent to the server whenever you visit the site. If you are using a public computer, we recommend to erase these cookies after use (and also clear the browser cache) to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

Area of responsibility.

This paper describes our efforts to ensure your privacy, however this paper cannot be applied to the information that you may provide to other project participants during the process of personal communication on the site.

Personal information access.

Registered users of the project have access only to the personal information that you share on the "personal data" page.

The administration has full access to your personal information, but will not disclose it under any circumstances, except as described below.

Personal information disclosure.

Rules of Lookinvestment Company do not permit disclosure of any personal information, except as described below.
1. In case of a valid subpoena or other valid requests from government agencies.
2. In case it is needed for complaints or violations investigation.
3. In case the user has repeatedly been seen in destructive acts, illegal attempt to gain access to the site, insulting the other participants of the project, the personal data may be transferred to a service provider, channel, or other third party individuals or organizations to block access to the site for the user.
4. In case of a reasonable necessity of protection of rights, property or safety of Lookinvestment, users of our projects or the audience of these projects.

Information security

Access to personal information of users inside the Lookinvestment Company is minimal, and is required for the maintenance of normal functioning of the project.

We take all necessary measures to protect data from unauthorized access, editing, disclosure or deletion.


Maintenance and preservation of user information confidentiality is an important task for us.
This document, along with other regulations and company policies, is aimed at ensuring of the safety of the user information that we collect and store on our servers.

We recognize that despite our efforts to protect private user information, someone may continue to use various methods to gain access, collect and disclose such information. In this connection, we can not guarantee the absence of unauthorized access to the information provided during the use of the site...

Privacy Policy changing.

Please note that this Privacy Policy may be changed. We do not intend to restrict your rights under this document, without your explicit permission. All changes to the privacy policy will be posted on this page.

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