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Please contacts with administration: support@lookinvestment.com ...
22 January 2017

Investments in woodworking enterprise

€ 16.800.000
We invite investors to participate in construction of a factory in Belarus for deep processing of timber capacity of 100 thousand cubic meters. roundwood per year. This project will allow investors profitable and safe to invest in a modern, thriving industry. ...
02 September 2015

Ural development. modernization of the existing wood processing

€ 300.000
Свердловская область
The result of this project is to modernize the existing wood processing and sales of manufactured products up to 10 000 m3 per year. Reference: - Site area: 10,847 sq.m. - Capital structure: bldg. Garage - 90.8 square meters, build. office - 154.8 square meters, build. Sawmill - 201 sqm, build. carpentry workshop - 832 ...
13 July 2015

We are looking to create joint Coinvestora export-oriented enterprise for sawmilling

€ 43.000.000
We are looking to create joint Coinvestora export-oriented enterprises in the field of sawing, drying and shipment for export Cutting boards softwood in Iran, Turkey, Greece and Italy. We have our own sawmill lines SAB, CANALI (Germany), BRENTA (Belgium), capacity of up to 200,000 cubic meters of round timber per year ...
18 May 2015

Construction of plant for the production of products of wood-polymer composite

€ 1.000
Актюбинская область РК
Our company is looking for a loan of 10 million. Tenge to start work on the project. Has a service contract with a foreign company for the main funding for the project in the amount of US $ 1 million. ...
11 January 2015

SC Supply and Trading

€ 2.000.000
SC Supply and Trading Co., Ltd. is the producer and distributor of fuels or raw materials from biomass/agricultural wastes to pellets. We see the potential in recycling the agricultural waste available in small communities that can be obtained within the 50 km. radius of the project location. The project also encourage ...
04 December 2014

A major project for sound investment

€ 100.000
To complete the work on the industrial production of wood pellets (pellets) for a company (companion) ready to invest in equipment, launching a major project and technical solutions emerging issues. Pellet production is based on a new type of waste wood cutting (slab) in the unique capacity up to 500 tons. consumption ...
20 June 2014

Recycling wood

Саратовская область
We current wood production has its own territory, and all the accessories. Invite a partner for co-processing-related products croaker sawdust, scraps of lumber ...
10 January 2014

Woodworking companies in Vladimir required investment, credit

Woodworking companies in Vladimir requires investment, loans of $ 7 million. Engaged in the production of lumber and low-rise construction. Have pledged property. Consider all the options for a period of 3-5 years. ...
23 November 2013

Current production firewood looking for an investor

€ 625.000
г.Владимир, РФ
The current (5 years) production firewood looking for an investor. Goal - increasing production - sales achieved and closure of existing loans. The volume of investments - 25 million. The minimum dividend of 1% per month of the amount invested is guaranteed from the first month of the current project to invest. ...
06 January 2013

Production of wood pellets

€ 500.000
Грузия , Тбилиси
Production and sale of wood pellets to Europe ...
31 July 2012

The project plant OSB-plates

€ 45.000.000
Республика Башкортостан
Ready to implement a unique project: "plant OSB-plates ". Consider all types of cooperation (investment). ...
27 March 2012

Author's style furniture "country "

€ 1.500.000
г. Иркутск
Furniture in the style of "country ", for the garden and house, made of solid wood, twigs and roots. Environmentally friendly furniture. Tables, benches, thrones, beds, chandeliers, glucans, stools, vases. Manufacture of furniture by individual orders (kitchen and bedroom sets, balustrade, fireplaces, water wells, etc ...
07 December 2011

Wood-processing plant "timber yard"

I am looking for long term investment for the acquisition of assets under management. The volume of investments - 90 million rubles. Industry - woodworking. Production is located in Cherepovets, Vologda region (650 km from Moscow, 550 miles to St. Petersburg). Has an extensive transport infrastructure: railway line wit ...
22 November 2011

Affordable Housing - Citizens of Russia

€ 5.000.000
Execution of the priority national project "Affordable Housing - Citizens of Russia 'is practically impossible without large-scale organization of complex enterprise-low-rise wood frame housing. As part of the tasks set by the President of the Russian Federation at a meeting of the State Council April 19, 20 ...
16 November 2011

We are looking for financing for our business project

€ 3.600.000
An entity under the business plan (from scratch) requires investment in the creation of wood processing. The papers, the project is ready for implementation. If you are interested send the required information packet. ...
27 August 2011
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