Vegetables, mushrooms, flowers, berries, fruit

Production of organic products in the new generation ekofermah

€ 150.000
Invest in agroturistichekuyu created by a group of companies. We produce organic food, build ecological tourist sites. The group of companies created in the global trend of mankind's transition from ruthless exploitation and destruction of nature and the environment for respect and restoration of natural habitats o ...
03 August 2015

Growing strawberries remontant

The "Strawberry" is an integral part of the "CX", which consists of three parallel-series of ongoing projects: - 1. The "Liquid sowing fine seeds in activated media" - 2. The "Strawberry-bearing. Production of berries and seedlings" - 3 . The project "Growing greens using DB ...
08 February 2015

Tourist ECO base

€ 2.100.000
Московская область
Creating a building tour base in the Moscow region, a flexible high-tech approach. ...
05 November 2014

Snail vine

I am selling snail in EC countries in the spring and summer season. ...
27 January 2014

Greenhouse construction, Building a fish farm, construction poultry farm

€ 23
Казахстан Мангисауская обл
Hello ladies and gentlemen! Krestyanskoe economy KFH Rahim Berdy Agro offers to invest the following projects. ...
19 January 2013


€ 2.500.000
Industrial cultivation and mechanized picking berries ...
19 December 2012


€ 400.000
10ga possess agricultural land near Evpatoria, electricity near the water-hole. ...
12 July 2012

Private farm

€ 600.000
Украина, Харьков
The construction of the greenhouse complex (winter greenhouses), growing vegetables in winter, as cultivation of vegetables in the open field! All production of environmentally friendly! IRR of 15-30% of the required investment 600,000 euros (initial draft of a possible extension of up to 2.4 million euros, depending o ...
20 April 2012

Erection of a supermarket + a wholesale warehouse in Moscow

€ 150.000.000
Москва, Россия
We offer a profitable invest the project. We are - professionals in the field of small and large wholesale in Bulgaria. Our project includes the purchase of the land on which planned to build a warehouse complex with all necessary infrastructure (cold rooms, dry storage, etc.) + supermarket, focused primarily on citrus ...
20 December 2011

Specialized gribovodchesky complex

€ 18.000.000
Interested in investing in mushroom production, to be exact, the financing of the project 'Dedicated gribovodchesky complex ". ...
16 December 2011


Project on collection of land snail in nature. And growing snails. ...
17 November 2011

Hunting ground

€ 1.000.000
с. Ярково Тюменская область
Hunting ground, looking with an investor and partner for various projects (sapropel, briquette fuel, freezing mushrooms, wild game meat, fish, etc.), Terry. 10 997 ha, the lease 49 years, 120 km. from Tyumen and Tobolsk, there fazanary, guest house, 2 floors, 175 m2, 2nd floor room 75 m2 (rounded wood) or sell. Conside ...
19 October 2011

Networking convenience stores selling fruit and vegetables

€ 565.218
This project represents a network of Specialization self-service stores selling Ukrainian, fresh vegetables, fruit and vegetables, and vegetable store with money in circulation in five years. ...
27 July 2011

Air micro irrigation as an alternative to drip irrigation

Alternative to any spring-autumn greenhouses. Industrial production in the open field: Improved productivity factor of 2-3, harvested 10-20 days earlier. Industrial production in the open field vegetables, planting materials (green cuttings), cultivation and acclimatization of plants, plant breeding. Cultivation of fun ...
26 July 2011

Mushroom plantation of a new generation

€ 50.000.000
Mushroom plantation of a new generation with characteristics significantly higher than all the existing mushroom production companies in the world. PBP: 1,85 years IRR: 75,9% MIRR: 55,2 Mushroom plantation built and operated by the developed technology protected by patents and knowledge of the form of know-how. ...
16 May 2011
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