Transportation engineering

Internal combustion engine

€ 500.000
Required investment in the project implementation of the new internal combustion engine. ...
25 November 2014

Passenger and freight transportation pipelines

€ 1.000.000
без ограничения
The inner surface of the tube treated high molecular smazkoy.V pipe moving cargo containers (bulk, liquid, gas, and even trunks svezhevalennogo forest without container, but equipped with a special device). The passenger cabin is moving on the external load, and dvizhetel Interior - inside the pipeline. Recognized as t ...
05 August 2014

I am looking for an investor for the development and production of a Segway

€ 300.000
I am looking for an investor to develop and produce individual vehicle - an easy segway ...
12 January 2013

Car weighing system

€ 25.000
Requires investment in a project to produce automobile weighing system, built-in spring suspension of any car. Your product is very interested representatives of "KAMAZ " in the future may be OEM-supply of the serial technique. ...
16 January 2012

Railway Business

The organization is engaged in providing railway rolling stock and industrial enterprises of Russia. The essence of the project is the obtaining of its own railway, to meet the needs of clients in the transportation of its products. The payback period of 3 years. Variants credit bail acquires rolling stock. ...
06 October 2011

The project «Nebohod»

€ 100.000
It is proposed to build a new hybrid design balloon, airship and at the same time a source of alternative energy. Now the project is at an early stage of design, details can be viewed at www.nebohod.com ...
04 August 2011
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