Construction of a multipurpose sports complex on circular cars Racing in Rostov on

€ 148
Россия, Ростовская область, г. Таганрог
General Director of "Unique Auto" Pereoridoroga Nikolai is the initiator of the investment project: "Construction of a multipurpose sports complex on circular auto-motorcycling and its further exploitation." Project Location: Russia, Rostov region, Taganrog .. Refers to the proposal. We invite you t ...
05 November 2014

The project is a multi-storey car park at the gated 2,256 parking spaces

€ 26.000.000
The main ideology of parking: parking garage for a minimum price with minimal maintenance costs. On the roof of the parking lot is proposed to install solar panels. This architectural design of a multi-storey parking garage, attractive opportunity to solve the problem of parking and is recommended for construction in d ...
28 August 2014

Production and logistics complex

Production and logistics facility. 20,000 feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. 15 km from Maladzechna. In the immediate vicinity of the road to Lithuania. 2,000 square meters of office building. Its power to 5 MW. Own boiler. 10 hectares of land. Two train arrival to the complex. And the most important state perm ...
11 August 2014

studio-workshop in construction

€ 300
production of certain types of construction works ...
10 June 2013

Construction of multi-level parking in Minsk (Belarus)

€ 3.000.000
Минск, Беларусь
Financing part of the cost of construction of multi-level (7 floors) parking in a residential area of ​​the capital on the terms of the investor. ...
12 April 2013

Cheerful Assistant

€ 300.000
Беларусь, Мозырь
Organizations providing services to the public: - merchandise - passenger transport - transport of client transport - performance loading and unloading - shipment delivery courier - Electrical Services ...
11 October 2012

We invite investors to build sports - tourist port in Spain

€ 64.000.000
We suggest building a new sports - tourist port in the major tourist town Peniscola, Castellon Province, Spain. The proposal is to create a new sport - marina with a total area 286,795 m2. ...
22 June 2012

International Airport Castellon (Spain) is looking for a dialogue on partnership

€ 100.000
Castell? de la Plana,SPAIN
International Airport << >> Castellon (Spain) is looking for a dialogue on partnership / collaboration. ...
22 June 2012

Construction Trade - Technical Center

€ 350.000
I propose to consider the draft, the idea of ??building a certified Commerce - Technical Center. The idea - to make rapid technical service trucks in a certified, specialized center, with the sale of materials needed for all vehicles. Profitability is not less than 37%. There are the qualifications, training, selected ...
05 May 2012

Railway Business

The organization is engaged in providing railway rolling stock and industrial enterprises of Russia. The essence of the project is the obtaining of its own railway, to meet the needs of clients in the transportation of its products. The payback period of 3 years. Variants credit bail acquires rolling stock. ...
06 October 2011

Creating Innovative Shipping Company for international shipping.

€ 7.000.000
Purchase / construction of eight (8) new highly profitable multi-purpose vessels river-sea class, with a total deadweight of more than 50,000 tons DWT and capacity DWCC (river-sea) 4500-5950 tons each. ...
29 September 2011
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