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€ 20.000.000
Please contacts with administration: support@lookinvestment.com ...
01 April 2016

I am looking for a financial partner

€ 1.800
I am looking for a financial partner to market franchises. At the moment there are 33 seats in the hostel in St. Petersburg. The hostel is fully equipped. 180 m2, the full number of staff (4 Administrator, 1 sales manager, manager). The hostel is successfully operating for 1 year. There is a telephone and e-mail facili ...
22 December 2014

Tourist ECO base

€ 2.100.000
Московская область
Creating a building tour base in the Moscow region, a flexible high-tech approach. ...
05 November 2014

Looking for investor for high profitable project in France

€ 9.090
Bizanet, Aude, Languedoc, France
Elite Sports Resort with IAAF and IOC certification. High-end facilities, Hotel, Apartments, Restaurant within an old Castle on 56 ha land. Already many clients and pre-bookings. Ready to start project, all permits are present. Great ROI. ...
30 January 2014

I am a junior partner in the travel business

I am a junior partner in the travel business ...
16 November 2013

Agroekousadba "Prytulak"

€ 160.000
Минск, Боровляны
The organization of the estate (rest and temporary accommodation) ...
23 September 2013

construction and operation of recreational areas

€ 1
Казахстан Алматинская обл. оз.Алаколь
Have owned 4.5 hectares of land on the coast oz.Alakol on the first line in the perespektivonm place. A draft of 260 hospital beds. If the project highly profitable business with a 100% return on investment within 5 let.Trebuetsya investor to complete the financing of the project and further joint ekspluatatsii.Imeetsy ...
05 June 2013

Chalets in Gudauri Ski Resort (Georgia)

€ 220.100
Chalets in Gudauri Ski Resort, Rapidly growing ski resort are seeking for financial partner. ...
29 January 2013

Hotel project in Kiev for sale

Hotel project in Kiev for sale Location: Ukraine, Kiev city Total area of the hotel project - 5309 sq. m. Land plot in rent. ...
05 November 2012

Investment in business

€ 200.000
Our company is looking for an investor (or investors), to organize a network of synthetic ice rinks in Thailand in Phuket. The concept of the project includes the phased opening of ice rinks in the major trading centers of the island (about the size of 600 square meters) and the subsequent opening of the Big Ice Arena ...
31 July 2012

Guesthouse on the beach

€ 6.000.000
Guesthouse on the beach, the first line, 2.7 hectares of land owned, private beach. Rooms: 250 adults and 500 children. ...
12 July 2012

Mini guesthouse by the sea on 75 adults and 40 children's places

€ 700.000
Украина/АР Крым
construction of a private boarding house by the sea for 75 adults and 40 children's places ...
11 July 2012

Spanish diversified group, is looking for partners.

€ 2.500
A large diversified group of Spanish I CHOOSE, is looking for partners to display the company's market in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the CIS market, to create a representative network. ...
12 March 2012

The creation and development of the transport company in Thailand

€ 250.000
We plan to create a transport company in Thailand. This company will carry out regular passenger transport by sea. The proposed route is currently unmatched and greatly simplify the creation of the movement between the selected Ostrava. For the activities of the company to purchase a boat capacity of 40 people, rent of ...
10 March 2012

tourist cabins

Большое золотое кольцо Алтая
low-cost houses for the creation of tourist camps and individual based on the stone, earth, water, seasonal and year-round destination. Installation time of 12 camp houses 14 days-trained team of 4 persons. ...
21 January 2012

beachfront hotel Atlaniki

€ 6.500.000
We are looking for an investor for the sale and renovation of the resort complex on the Atlantic coast. More details on www.lisbon-coast.com ...
07 January 2012

International project - Pearls of the World

€ 4
The underlying principle of the project Pearls of Peace is an international development and presentation of cognitive-entertainment tourism - cruise round the secular route, consisting of purely national programs offering a unique tourist attractions in the historical, cultural and geological sites participating countr ...
18 November 2011

Infrastructure to ensure tours

€ 36
Сибирь. Республика Тыва.
Construction of two small bases in the forest. Technopark - SVP vessel, tracked snowmobile, snowmobiles, expedition gear. ...
19 October 2011

Hunting ground

€ 1.000.000
с. Ярково Тюменская область
Hunting ground, looking with an investor and partner for various projects (sapropel, briquette fuel, freezing mushrooms, wild game meat, fish, etc.), Terry. 10 997 ha, the lease 49 years, 120 km. from Tyumen and Tobolsk, there fazanary, guest house, 2 floors, 175 m2, 2nd floor room 75 m2 (rounded wood) or sell. Conside ...
19 October 2011

Historical regional natural system "Polar Urals - Aniyah"

РФ, Полярный Урал
Organization in the territory of Yamalo-Nenets and Komi first part of the Polar Urals, modern hotel of international class with access to a significant profit. The use of natural conditions the following areas: the creation of industrial and economic enterprises for the processing of berries and mushrooms, the establis ...
15 October 2011

Construction of the 5 * hotel in Odessa

€ 50.000.000
I ask you to consider investing money in the construction of the hotel 5 * in Odessa. ...
13 October 2011

Investment in the hostel (hotel business)

I propose to become an investor in the opening hostel on the site of existing equipped and staffed. There are state employees. The home team facilities, elderly people are not ready to organize the work of the hostel. Invested heavily in its renovation. The amount needed to pay rent, salaries and development. The sum o ...
11 October 2011

Mini-holiday house in the Crimea

€ 250.000
Opening a mini-resorts in the Crimea, namely in Sudak, or at Cape Meganom (7 km from Sudak). Making the site on the investor (if desired), but a treaty on sharing. ...
30 September 2011

Recreation center "Radamir "

€ 400.000
The project to build recreation center "Green tourism recreation center " Radamir ". We offer to consider a proposal to build a nursing home or rehabilitation center for the rehabilitation of the thyroid gland, after cancer, the center of a healthy lifestyle. ...
28 September 2011
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