Fise - Search interesting movie

€ 5.000
Россия, Москва
This project will help people to find interesting movie, based on interests, ideology, culture, and human etc. Users can also find interesting films indicating interest criteria, among which are: the concept of the movie, the year in which the film unfolds, the interests of the protagonist and his world; nature of the ...
20 February 2014

The Financial Mutual helpanother.net

€ 200.000
г. Москва
The system of mutual helpanother.net designed to create a platform on the Internet for philanthropic activity. Any Internet user can leave the system in a targeted request for funds, a certain sum for certain purposes. The main idea of ??this system is aimed at mutual assistance, that is, before you get the opportunity ...
16 April 2012

Application for a social network.

€ 10.000
Funds are required to advertise and promote the project. ...
21 November 2011

Software development and trading systems for trading on U.S. stock markets and Russia

The development of trading systems for trading in the U.S. and Russia. Statistical arbitrage, pair trading, searching for patterns. Software development for trade ...
04 November 2011

Rollout of multifunction kiosks Tebox

€ 800.000
We are looking for a partner - an investor for production and creating a network of multi-functional kiosks Tevoh new generation. Multifunction terminal Tevoh - self-service terminal with enhanced functionality: payments, money transfers, IP telephony, Internet services, content sales, banking, etc.; ...
25 July 2011
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