Innovation project (pharmaceuticals and entertainment), is not unique

€ 600.000.000
Россия, Москва
I am looking for partners (1-3) for the construction Serpentarium, Exotarium, vivarium, veterinaries (if desired, and the opportunities and farmlaboratorii) in the Moscow region. Purpose of building Serpentarium: snake venom to receive subsequent sales farmfabrikam. Demonstration selection poison snakes exotarium visit ...
06 October 2015

opening a network of pharmacies in Moscow and Moscow

€ 83
There is an operating pharmacy in Moscow, more than 1 year Interested in expanding the network of pharmacies in Moscow and Moscow ...
05 August 2014

Stevedoring company in the Far East port of Sovetskaya Gavan.

€ 10
Selling stevedoring company in the Far East port of Sovetskaya Gavan. ...
06 January 2014


€ 12.000.000
Samptothecin, a naturally occurring protein that destroys cancer cells (GMP FDA) is proposed, using the technology of growing seedlings in greenhouse conditions and special irrigation system, plantation establishment and its subsequent implementation. 1000% Return on ...
15 December 2012

Pharmacy business

€ 700.000
We are looking for investors to participate in a cost-effective, the action (13) pharmacy business. Network of five pharmacies (possible) in g Orenburg, Russia. Monthly income 860 000 rubles. Pharmacies are equipped, highly skilled staff. Payback period of 2.5-3 years. Send you all the necessary information. ...
23 September 2012

Construction of a pharmaceutical plant for the production of infusion solutions

€ 25.000.000
Республика Адыгея
goal of the project-creation in the south of Russia (Republic Adygea), a modern, high-tech manufacturing, the most popular drugs, infusion solutions, modern plastic packaging. Investment of 30%. ...
11 December 2011

Medical Center with a substation ambulance

€ 200.000
моск обл щёлковский раон
The direction of our center - home health care ...
22 October 2011

The creation of laboratory-pharmaceutical manufacturing complex

The creation of laboratory-pharmaceutical manufacturing complex «Inpolimed-SIC», plans organizers of the project, including the validation of equipment, facilities certified to GMP standards and the issuance of four batches of products installation should be completed within 24-26 months from the commencement of invest ...
26 April 2011
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