Other industrial production

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€ 1.140.000
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08 March 2017

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€ 26
ХМАО-ЮГРА г.Нижневартовск
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09 January 2017

Invest in a metalworks factory with profit 21-22% in high season!

€ 10.000.000
The investor is required for the conversion and expansion of production capacity to the existing plant of metal. ...
26 July 2015

Seeking investor recycling

Тверская область
Seeking investor recycling ...
02 May 2015

Manufacture of jewelery

€ 1.000.000
Investing for current assets operating business of manufacturing and selling jewelry. ...
06 April 2015

Filter sump

€ 100.000
The investor is required in the project of introducing a new type of filtering equipment. ...
25 November 2014

Investments in operating industrial complex.

€ 4.000.000
It takes up to 200 million. Rubles. for the acquisition of an industrial estate (industrial buildings and land) and the acquisition of additional equipment in order to increase production volumes. ...
16 August 2014

Construction waste recycling plant

€ 10.000.000
Investments under construction waste recycling plant. ...
27 March 2014

We are looking for partners and investors in the business sapropel

Center for SAPROPELS the capacity of opening new production facilities for the extraction and processing of sapropel in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. ...
12 August 2013

Waste processing

€ 35
Россия, Московская облость
Waste processing ...
05 May 2013

Disposal of biological waste, the production of meat and bone meal, fat and soap.

€ 2
Russia, Samara region
Good day! I am looking for an investor for the development of the enterprise for the production of meat bone meal. Plant and land ownership. Equipment is required to increase the power output and the opening of additional production lines - oil and soap. Willing to consider your proposal for investment or buying a busi ...
28 January 2013


€ 1
Traumatic PNEUMATIC GUN SHOP large-caliber self-loading smooth ...
03 January 2013


€ 500.000
Nursery plants and aquarium fish. Payback - 1 year ...
04 December 2012

Project processing b / a avtoreziny

€ 2.300.000
ЦФО, Рязанская область
Creating a clean high-yield processing enterprises b / a of tire rubber crumb in size from 3 mm to 150 microns. ...
23 December 2011

Construction of facilities for processing of municipal solid waste

€ 216.374.500
Российская Федерация
Stroitelsto complexes for processing municipal solid waste in the Central Federal District (Moscow, Moscow, Murom, Nizhny Novgorod region), the Southern Federal District (the Volgograd and Rostov regions, Krasnodar Territory) and other regions of Russia. ...
22 December 2011


€ 1.000.000
Ladies and Gentlemen! LLC SAFE ENERGY; expresses its respect and consideration of offers for the project; PRODUCTION OF INNOVATIVE MATERIALS based on pearlite; ...
30 November 2011

Water supply of one or more settlements of Crimea water

€ 5.000.000
АР Крым
Investments are required to implement the water project Crimea due to local groundwater resources by drilling wells. ...
01 November 2011

Production of grain dryers based on microwave technology, unique

€ 1.000.000
The initiators of the project developed the technology of grain drying by microwave radiation, which allows to significantly reduce the cost of drying, eliminate the need for delivery of diesel or gas, and significantly improve the quality of the product drying on the output. Price and quality features allow you to ope ...
17 October 2011

Railway Business

The organization is engaged in providing railway rolling stock and industrial enterprises of Russia. The essence of the project is the obtaining of its own railway, to meet the needs of clients in the transportation of its products. The payback period of 3 years. Variants credit bail acquires rolling stock. ...
06 October 2011

Technology and design of single-cut molds

Single-cut molds for manufacturing of various products like paving, roads and walksides. ...
18 August 2011

Factory for the production of paper pulp from agricultural waste

Investment required to build a plant for the production of paper pulp from agricultural waste! Presumably the project will be quite profitable due to the fact that the materials for the manufacture of paper can be obtained free of charge, complies with the price of paper will be very low. ...
12 May 2011
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