Medical organizations, institutions

Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory (deductible) in New Moscow

€ 28.000
The opening of the fence of analyzes for the franchise's largest diagnostic laboratory in Moscow ...
02 October 2015

Medical center in Moscow or New Moscow

€ 13.000.000
Москва или Новая Москва
Project opening of Diversified Medical Center (from the operating room, X-ray, endoscopy unit, dentistry). ...
30 September 2015

Harmony Life

€ 500.000
Israeli company Shalvat ha Haim looking for an investor to continue begun private social project in Belarus (nursing home) Israeli company Shalvat ha Chaim looking for an investor to continue the initiated private social project in Belarus (nursing home ...
07 May 2014

Dr. Exciton

€ 87.000
Project to create a medical doctor Corporation of excitons, the bulk of which will be 80 health centers, 10 centers for regenerative medicine. The purpose of the project - the development of preventive, rather than clinical medicine, which today is inevitably the main focus of modern health care. For the development of ...
08 July 2013

The project proposal, construction of luxury resort

€ 50.000.000
Россия, Республика Татарстан, г. Тетюши
On the bank of the Volga river there are sources of natural mineral water. The combination of scenic beauty and power make it possible to build the company for bottling treatment, drinking water and health center, where, along with the rest available and appropriate treatment. The presence in the nursing home will give ...
28 March 2012

Medical Center with a substation ambulance

€ 200.000
моск обл щёлковский раон
The direction of our center - home health care ...
22 October 2011

Recreation center "Radamir "

€ 400.000
The project to build recreation center "Green tourism recreation center " Radamir ". We offer to consider a proposal to build a nursing home or rehabilitation center for the rehabilitation of the thyroid gland, after cancer, the center of a healthy lifestyle. ...
28 September 2011

Clinic cosmetic laser

I suggest you cooperate with the establishment of a joint venture - the clinic of laser cosmetology. In a joint venture, each party (partner and clinic Linline) come in equal proportions (50:50). The size of investments in equity capital up to 7 million rubles. on each side (to open a clinic). The minimum investment am ...
18 September 2011

The Sanatornyj – a hotel and recreation complex.

€ 19.000.000
A pre-project proposal according with a hotel-fitness center providing construction of 3 units of 11F building as well as creation of a landscape park with use of existing green areas and planting of new ones, installation of pedestrian trails and small architectural forms. ...
27 July 2011

The creation of laboratory-pharmaceutical manufacturing complex

The creation of laboratory-pharmaceutical manufacturing complex «Inpolimed-SIC», plans organizers of the project, including the validation of equipment, facilities certified to GMP standards and the issuance of four batches of products installation should be completed within 24-26 months from the commencement of invest ...
26 April 2011
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