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€ 1.000.000
Please contacts with administration: support@lookinvestment.com ...
04 April 2016

Advertising Service System "SCREEN-SYSTEM".

Россия, Москва
New, technology platform, related to the dynamically developing video advertising sector, emerging only in the advertising market, a successful combination of different areas of development, such as: • One video ad network "INSCREEN"; • Development of a franchise network "SCREEN"; • advertising equi ...
18 May 2015

Religovedchesky popular science magazine.

€ 5.300
We are students of Moscow universities, and St. Petersburg State University (PSTGU, Moscow State University, Russian State Humanitarian University and St. Petersburg State University) are working on the creation of the popular science magazine, which will help different cultures to know each other. Our motto is to unde ...
08 May 2015

Cinema video industry: the search for investors

€ 330.000
Brief Description of Project: The Movie video industry branch IT, Internet, Media, Show, TV, Video, Film, Advertising Estimated investment, rub.: 15m. (50 million) and the payback period of the project, years: 1.5 Social efficiency (number of jobs created): 15 ...
02 July 2014

Ready successful business with payback six months refund guarantee, good conditions

€ 12.000
Business Network »bizset.biz - project is useful to many categories of Internet users, is completely free to upload your information, make business contacts, etc. ...
15 January 2013

Investment in the print edition (magazine)

€ 90
Journal of travel "Focusing tourists" looking for financial partners for further development. ...
17 December 2012

IT Media bookmarks storage

€ 1.200.000
We are seeking a 1.2million for 2 years angel investment for Development, and Online Marketing. Based on our projections, Angel Investors will see a ROI in year 3 of 50%! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information. ...
12 December 2012

Branding, Design & Innovation Studio

€ 185.000
A creative team needs funding for a Manila-based studio catering services related to Branding, Design and Innovative Production. All services target all organizations and businesses in all sizes: from small enterprises to multinational companies. ...
08 June 2012

Investor needed for opening a University of Mass Communication and Public Relations

€ 2
Coastal Region, Tanzania
This is the Project needs an Investor who can Invest on the construction of the First Big University of Professional Communicators in East Africa ...
25 February 2012

We are looking for a partner on favorable terms in the printed magazine for parents "grow! "

€ 35.000
Consider the equity in a magazine for parents "grow! " ...
04 January 2012

Mobile Ads

€ 850.000
Mobile Ads is a new service effective, the capable infrastructure in the new opportunity as the market information services. With the help of which any subscriber at any time be able to buy or sell, find work or learn. Mobile Advertising service - a service that allows you to place or receive ads in real time, using a ...
16 December 2011

Full-length animation

€ 3.300.000
Full-length animated 3D film "Jimmy" in stereo. It is planned to show a conventional movie theaters, DIgital 3D, IMAX. ...
06 November 2011

Media company

€ 10.000.000
Media Company of the complete production cycle. Video installation, 2D 3D graphics, design, composing, sound dubbing, WEB 2.0 programming, create site for engines, components, and so on ... ...
03 November 2011

Vsekubansky news magazine

€ 600
In the Kuban (Krasnodar Territory), there is no single publication of information about goods and services which would combine the information from all cities of the region. Because of the Kuban are very small and located close to each other, all the Kuban River is regarded as one city, the more so for the local popula ...
01 November 2011

Investments for the development of a glossy magazine

€ 15.000
Consider the possibility of attracting interested investors to replenish the working capital for the development of a new glossy magazine. ...
04 October 2011

Investments for the development of a major internet resource

€ 100.000
Investments are needed for: the development of the Internet resource http://bagb.by/ publication printed version of the objects sold http://bagb.by/2/business-journal/Общая advertising sites selling the business and the Internet resursaRazvitie internal partitions and resource portal http:/ / bagb.by Wanted from $ 100 ...
03 October 2011
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