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Investment in the construction of residential / commercial real estate in Europe, training in Poland

€ 100.001
Польша / Быгдощ
Construction in Poland (Bygdosch) facilities for: - Repair (assembly / disassembly) cars - welding training organization places on the European equipment - Hostel (small hotel) for housing workers traveling CIS citizens and persons in training. ...
14 January 2014

Please contacts with administration: support@lookinvestment.com

€ 50.000.000
Please contacts with administration: support@lookinvestment.com ...
09 March 2017

Reconstruction of the Catholic school at the Vatican

€ 2
Отель в Риме в Ватикане
A joint Czech-Italian project of reconstruction of schools in a 4 * hotel in the Vatican. Participation in the joint venture which cost 2.5 million euros. Required investments 1,000,000 ...
13 January 2015

Federation of Cobra

Cobra Independent Multi-Federation, formed from among politicians, businessmen and ordinary citizens and governments to restore, maintain and promote peace, unity and friendship among peoples, security, and cooperation between peoples. regions and states .. ...
28 November 2014

We are looking for investors to open regional offices

Credit union "Clever Live" is looking for financial partners for the expansion of the federal network of credit unions under the brand "Cleverly live." Interested in proposals from the regional and provincial centers. ...
06 August 2014

The investor is required in operating business (chain stores, cosmetics)

€ 20.000
The investor is required in operating business (chain stores, cosmetics). Business - operating a chain of stores of natural cosmetics. Headquartered in St. Petersburg. Currently the business operates and makes a profit. Open 15 franchise stores in 15 cities of Russia. Franchise - the best among the proposals in its nic ...
22 April 2014

Agricultural holding is looking for investors. Profitability of the project 130% per annum.

€ 54.590.909
Белгородская, Липецкая,
Industrial processing of any organic waste agricultural enterprises, the introduction of non-waste of biotechnology in agriculture, large-scale production of biological fertilizers and cheap animal protein, the revival of the natural fertility of arable land, provision of food and environmental security of the country. ...
05 September 2013

Exotic leather

€ 1.000.000
We are looking for an investor in the project on trade leather of exotic animals. ...
03 April 2013

Engineering company looking for an investor

Engineering company looking for an investor Existing engineering company looking for investors - a strategic partner for its own modernization. The company operates in the market of oil production equipment, of the mining equipment, the production of metal. The purpose of modernization is the creation of efficient prod ...
13 March 2013

Project financing for European credit rates

€ 3.000.000
One of the main specialties of the Euro-Czech investment fund business is medium-term (up to 5 years) and long term (10-12 years) Czech banks project financing investment projects in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, as well as lending equipment import and supply of technology in the implementation of State Programme of ...
27 December 2012

Delivery bay leaf from Sochi and Abkhazia to Russia

€ 1.500.000
Сочи и Абхазия
Needs an investor who is not afraid to invest in the project at an early stage. Today, Sochi and Abkhazia - Russia's only subtropical region, which grows a bay leaf. There is a collection scheme with smallholders and supplies to various regions of Russia. ...
28 August 2012

SaaS CRM system firmis

€ 250.000
SaaS CRM system firmis designed to create the Internet a common information space for the lessor and the companies that rent or wanting to rent a room, as well as to obtain information about the activities of member companies. ...
17 July 2012

We invite investors to the successful running of business

€ 600.000
г. Самара
The network of universal repair shops ...
13 March 2012

Business in Germany

€ 500.000
Provides a full range of services for entrepreneurs who want to create and develop their business in Germany. We will help you to successfully pursue its business in the German capital, and you and your family - in Germany feel comfortable and confident in the future. ...
08 February 2012

Business: Payment Terminals in the Czech Republic

€ 400.000
Чешская республика, Прага
Description of business together with a payment by payment company "Unipay" - the first company in the Czech Republic, which began to introduce and install the payment terminals, on the basis of the Russian payment terminal network "OSMP" and other payments by Russian companies. The company plans to set the end of 2012 ...
05 February 2012

Development project in the Czech Republic

€ 21.500.000
Чешская республика, Прага
Investment - for sale development project in Prague, Czech Republic. For sale (investment) development project - the land for building in Prague, Prague 6 district, Czech Republic, EU. ...
05 February 2012

We invite business partners

€ 500.000
Provides a full range of services for entrepreneurs ...
03 February 2012


€ 150.000
Creation of mobile laboratories for expert services for corporate and individuals in Moscow and Moscow region for the rapid laboratory environmental assessments onsite. ...
28 December 2011

Erection of a supermarket + a wholesale warehouse in Moscow

€ 150.000.000
Москва, Россия
We offer a profitable invest the project. We are - professionals in the field of small and large wholesale in Bulgaria. Our project includes the purchase of the land on which planned to build a warehouse complex with all necessary infrastructure (cold rooms, dry storage, etc.) + supermarket, focused primarily on citrus ...
20 December 2011

Construction and operation of a tourist complex in the Altai Mountains

€ 2.000.000
Алтайский край, Алтайский район
The project proponent proposes a complete acquisition or joint participation in the planning of investment projects aimed at solving three problems: high capitalization investment Minimum investment risks, permanent steady income over the long term. ...
22 November 2011

Creating an investment advisory firm, an investment club

€ 50.000
Ability to attract investment for the Crimean and Ukrainian projects ...
13 October 2011

Beauty salon

€ 200.000
I am looking for investors to open a salon of beauty and style in Almaty (Kazakhstan). Treat this business as a serious and profitable business. ...
27 September 2011

Retail space construction - restaurants and hotels.

€ 2.800.000
There is an investment project in the Republic of Belarus dealing with construction of shopping centers, restaurants and hotels. ...
02 August 2011

Shopping Complex

€ 40.000.000
Construction of Commercial complex with total area 64 500 sq.m. Razrabota concept of international standards. Quality, but a quick and relatively inexpensive construction - Possibility of an optimal compliance with all technical requirements of tenants. - The large open plan, guest parking in the city of Ufa - 2465 m / ...
27 July 2011
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