Internet Marketing

Please contacts with administration: support@lookinvestment.com

€ 1.000.000
Please contacts with administration: support@lookinvestment.com ...
04 April 2016

I am investing in opening StartUp in Italy - 60 000 Euro

€ 60.000
Италия, Милан
ItQui - hyper-local mobile advertising system, designed to meet the needs of enterprises in Italy in modern technologies of mobile marketing. ...
01 December 2015

Products, B2B, Advertising: search for investors

€ 650.000
Brief Description of Project: Goods, B2B, Advertising branch IT, Internet, E-commerce Estimated investment, rub.: 30m. (100 million) and the payback period of the project, years: 2 Social efficiency (number of jobs created): 25 ...
02 July 2014


€ 35.000
Tools for the implementation of online ticketing for events. ...
05 June 2013

Online store selling UIN

€ 4.000
Online store selling beautiful rooms ICQ ...
08 December 2012

The Financial Mutual helpanother.net

€ 200.000
г. Москва
The system of mutual helpanother.net designed to create a platform on the Internet for philanthropic activity. Any Internet user can leave the system in a targeted request for funds, a certain sum for certain purposes. The main idea of ??this system is aimed at mutual assistance, that is, before you get the opportunity ...
16 April 2012

Social Network

€ 50.000
Липецк, Москва
The main idea of ??the project - remote communication between people, ordering services, business administration, advertising, news and contests. ...
16 December 2011

Application for a social network.

€ 10.000
Funds are required to advertise and promote the project. ...
21 November 2011
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