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€ 6
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07 June 2016


€ 34.000
Bar a new type introduced in Russia Italian culture Aperetivo ...
01 December 2015

Creating a logistics complex class "A" volume of 15 000 pallets in Crimea

€ 4.275.000
The result of this project is the construction of a new logistics complex in the Republic of Crimea and on its basis the provision of logistics services. The project envisages construction of storage buildings 1 Class "A" area of ​​10 000 sq. m. (15,000 pallets) with different temperature regimes "18&quo ...
01 September 2015

I am looking for an investor to open a real estate development company

I am looking for an investor for the joint opening of the real estate development firm. Ready to take the creation and development of real estate development company, is ready to give this process all your time and immerse yourself in this process for more than 5 years. (In future years to 15) About Me: I'm 25, I w ...
23 June 2015

Project financing and facilitating execution

€ 200.000
We cooperate with business partners on the terms of the verified service agreement. Terms of collaboration are flexible, however, an essential condition, which in our opinion, should be announced soon - that is our financial interest in the amount of 3% of the project and debt financing. ...
12 June 2015

The building project of mixed type: offices and parking

€ 6.800.000
The project is environmentally friendly multi-storey car park gated with office and commercial premises. Ecological office building mixed type «blue building». (Multi-storey car park with an investment exploited green roof) project is designed for construction in the dense urban areas as in any country, any climate and ...
28 August 2014

The project is a multi-storey car park at the gated 2,256 parking spaces

€ 26.000.000
The main ideology of parking: parking garage for a minimum price with minimal maintenance costs. On the roof of the parking lot is proposed to install solar panels. This architectural design of a multi-storey parking garage, attractive opportunity to solve the problem of parking and is recommended for construction in d ...
28 August 2014

Production and logistics complex

Production and logistics facility. 20,000 feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. 15 km from Maladzechna. In the immediate vicinity of the road to Lithuania. 2,000 square meters of office building. Its power to 5 MW. Own boiler. 10 hectares of land. Two train arrival to the complex. And the most important state perm ...
11 August 2014

business outside of the Russian Federation, 50% margin.

shipping blocks of white marble with a deposit "Dashtak" on world markets stone Xiamen, with their subsequent sale on the stock exchange or (and) KAMNEOBRABOTKA for finished products made of marble (slabs, tiles, etc.) with the subsequent sale of finished products in the United States, the Persian Gulf, EU, R ...
29 June 2014

Investment area near Novosibirsk

Offer land in the emerging building cluster agglomeration Novosibirsk from 1 to 1000 ha. Platform is provided with all necessary resources. ...
21 May 2014

Looking for an investor to build production and construction company

€ 1.000.000
Looking for an investor to build production and construction company, the main direction of energy and communications ...
21 April 2014

Construction waste recycling plant

€ 10.000.000
Investments under construction waste recycling plant. ...
27 March 2014

Invest in high-tech! Profitability 100% - 10,000%!

€ 100.000
Necessary investment of $ 100,000 to launch the production know-how technology. Full readiness. ...
17 March 2014

Production of SIP panels

€ 111.000
SIP panels for the production of low-rise construction. ...
27 September 2013

VIP - ISLAND - 6 Stars ****** looking for investors

€ 200.000.000
VIP - ISLAND - 6 Stars ****** in the Black Sea Varna Lake, looking for the investor from Russia - to project the complex suites - yacht harbor, hotels, Sanatorium, sports centers, etc. ...
16 August 2013

Construction of multi-level parking in Minsk (Belarus)

€ 3.000.000
Минск, Беларусь
Financing part of the cost of construction of multi-level (7 floors) parking in a residential area of ​​the capital on the terms of the investor. ...
12 April 2013

Construction of energy facilities in the Evenki

€ 4
Россия, Красноярский край, Эвенкийский муниципальн
Construction of power facilities, sewage treatment plants, external utilities, homes. Loan for 5 years. Public - private partnership ...
23 January 2013

Plant project

€ 900.000
The finished project finished project a two-story factory production building with total area of ​​1,500 sq.m. The project is designed for building in a dense urban development in any country, any climate and saving the earth, so to sparsely populated areas. ...
07 January 2013

Finished project, a two-story factory to 1,500 sq.m.

€ 910.000
An architectural project of the plant (factory) with a total area of ​​1,500 sq.m. attractive primarily for its versatility and no need compulsory examination of its design documentation. ...
27 December 2012

Fish farm 550t California USA

€ 8.300.000
Калифорния США
550 tons of fish a Class A farm is located between two megopolisami Los Angeles and San Diego in time reach, low cost and import character produktsii.Okupaemost 24 months vkl7mes.stroitelstvo u5 months. to marketable weight. In the implementation phase of the project two people, after running 10chel. Investor 85%, 15% ...
15 December 2012

Attraction of strategic partner for operating coffee producing company

€ 25.000.000
Looking for a partner for development of Coffee producing company in Ukraine. ...
02 November 2012

"Providing services for transportation of bulk cargo in the project Nord Stream»

€ 3.500.000
Assess the cost effectiveness of the project: - The planning horizon of three years. - The interval of one month of planning. - Payback PBP of receiving payment will be 1.47 years - adopted discount rate D 14,7% - real rate comparison 10.3% - Discounted payback DPBP of receiving payment. 1.54 year - Net cash flow (Net ...
28 August 2012

Manufacturing know-how of products in China

€ 60
We suggest investing in a project to manufacture in China, the domestic use of the patented product. The amount of investment of $ 100,000, the profitability of the project, more than 500% ROI less than a year. There is a sale of the plant as a producer on the experience accumulated net exports by country, and in Russi ...
23 July 2012

Construction appartments anywhere in istanbul

€ 1
Construction of residence In Istanbul.here there are lots of opportunities to make much more benefits than other countries.so come here we can make your dreams possible. ...
21 July 2012

Construction appartments anywhere in istanbul

i am looking for investors who are willing to pile up money by investing in Turkey .as you know Turkey is the most developing country nowadays so come and contact me, we can do lots of things together.i am looking forward to hearing from you soon . ...
21 July 2012
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