Project in a million! Exclusive offer!

STARSPLUS - Million chance to star in a movie! ...
06 January 2015

The full-length animated film

€ 6.000.000
Studio 22 is looking for an investor for the full-length animated film. The goal - the output of the Russian animation to the world level. ...
28 April 2013

Discovery and development of the wedding photo studio VisArt

€ 90.000
Business idea - creating a wedding studio with a unique interior fotozalov: Hall Wedding Photos - king-size bed, panoramic arch in the Italian style, a fireplace, a sofa, cot, Greenhouse - Artificial waterfall, tropical shower, a greenhouse with artificial trees, Hall studio photo - paper and fabric backgrounds, wall " ...
15 March 2013

Karing club and school-kart

€ 450.000
Clients of the project "go-kart-club" are legal entities (holding number ures) and individuals aged 5 years to 55 years. The most active customers are aged between 23-45 years, ie person having a stable core earnings, which took place as a person and know the purpose of their needs. ...
14 October 2011

Production of prefabricated kits scale models of copies of art and architecture of paper and paperboard

€ 140.000
Issue runs sets for creativity, the so-called "pillars» (model kit) by the "all inclusive". The set consists of a box made out, the filling of which contains a description schema assembly, historical background, details, materials, consumables, tools, adhesives for building models of the original. ...
10 October 2011
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