Electronic commerce

Investing in a successful internet business

€ 535.000
Investments are needed in cashback portal site which contains the most popular shops and services of Russia, the US, Europe and China. ...
13 June 2015

Advertising Service System "SCREEN-SYSTEM".

Россия, Москва
New, technology platform, related to the dynamically developing video advertising sector, emerging only in the advertising market, a successful combination of different areas of development, such as: • One video ad network "INSCREEN"; • Development of a franchise network "SCREEN"; • advertising equi ...
18 May 2015

Sree Sai Aerotech Innovations Pvt Ltd

€ 1.200.000
The Company has been established to produce Drones for civilian use for a global market. We mean it and have proved it, we have got in more active members into the fascinating world of aero modeling in the past couple of years than has been the case in the past decades. We source our products directly from manufacturer ...
04 December 2014

We are looking for a small investment in a project payback period to 5 months We are looking for partner couchreditelya

€ 9.000
Looking for a partner - co-founder of O perspective, highly profitable IT project abroad. To find additional investments abroad to promote and refine the new features. Project bizset.biz be in BETA version has great functionality. With this project, users are able to not only promote your business online and find busin ...
22 June 2014

Looking for a partner - cross-border e-commerce

€ 150.000
Project for two years. There are revenue and profit, but not enough. Necessary for the development of 6,000,000 rubles for the extension office. Plans for revenue of 1 billion rubles. ...
14 October 2013

Mobile Payment System

€ 25.000.000
г. Якутск
The goal of our project to simplify the use of mobile phone as a means of payment and other financial transactions. We plan to create a technology "Global mobile payment system" (the "GLOMPS") helps people with any level of technical knowledge and skills to use a cell phone as a primary means of payment in the first pl ...
26 March 2013

Investor demand in a highly profitable project with a payback of 6-8 months

€ 10.000
The development team has a potential business partner to share in the finished web design social - entertainment network dating http://womanman.su/ project has a large and interesting functionality. Proposed share business partner 51% good conditions for business partner. Guarantee return on investment. Possible renewa ...
11 February 2013

The development team looking for an investor partner in the unique design of the system of mutual financial assistance

Mutual Financial System with a unique marketing plan, without financial risk for the project participants. ...
21 October 2012

Center for the issuance of microloans

€ 1.000
The organization issuing microloans to the population center, through collaboration with major microfinance organizations through the agency agreement. ...
07 August 2012

Business: Payment Terminals in the Czech Republic

€ 400.000
Чешская республика, Прага
Description of business together with a payment by payment company "Unipay" - the first company in the Czech Republic, which began to introduce and install the payment terminals, on the basis of the Russian payment terminal network "OSMP" and other payments by Russian companies. The company plans to set the end of 2012 ...
05 February 2012

Publisher with its own printing press

Creation in Russia publishing house with its own printing press to distribute books in Russia, CIS and far abroad ...
17 October 2011
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