Flour, cereals

Grain Terminal at 30,000 tonnes for export

€ 5.000.000
Краснодврский край г.Ейск
Commercial offer grain terminal at 30,000 tons for export worth 190 million rubles with a payback 3-4 years. ...
28 December 2012

Sugar factory

Dear Sirs, our company wishes to receive investment for development in Russia of a sugar factory. We have a business plan, professional organizers, support for the governor of the region. Price of the investment project 226 million euros. If you are interested in our offer, please make us an official request. Thank you ...
18 June 2012

Sugar factory

€ 40.000.000
Improved technology for processing of sugar ...
15 March 2012

Agro Enterprise 10 000 ha

€ 11
Украина Крым
Acquisition of existing agricultural enterprises and associations in a large holding. These companies own the irrigated lands. Of the 10,000 ha of irrigated 7000 hectares. ...
12 October 2011

Processing of rice paddy (rice PLANT)

€ 1.000
Украина Крым
Rice plant productivity output - 80 tons / day of polished rice. This plant is located in the grain of current (3ga) of the former collective farm. ...
12 October 2011
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