Fish industry

Unusual and high-profitable project (ToothFish Catching at Antarctic)

€ 4.000.000
Unusual and high-profitable project (ToothFish Catching at Antarctic) ToothFish Catching in Antarctica (Ross Sea) under a convenient Ukrainian flag. The vessel will never come into Ukraine also all money through the nonresident Payback – 1-2 years, profit of 2 million dollars a year at least. The project long-term ...
08 September 2015

Ukraine Coffee Factory for Sale (Attracting Strategic Partner)

Propose for sale Operating coffee factory (Location: Ukraine) with a full cycle of processing green coffee beans to the finished product. Roasting, grinding, extraction, drying, granulation, and packaging workshops are equipped with modern equipment. ...
26 November 2013


€ 500.000
Nursery plants and aquarium fish. Payback - 1 year ...
04 December 2012

The Organization of fishing production.

€ 30
Камчатский край,Петропавловск-Камчатский
Kamchatka fishing company seeking investors for the organization of fishery production are: (purchase of new fishing trawlers 2 units., Land, construction of a refrigerator in the 1000tn.) Should be $ 27 million. The project is designed for 8 years. The business plan is available. Their funds do not have. ...
13 July 2012

Fishing in the open ocean

€ 20
Индийский океан
Offer new opportunities for the organization of fishing vessels of aquatic BATM, or RTM-COP, in the open oceans in the depth range 0-2000 m, outside the EEZ of the States, using new tools of industrial fishing trawlers are able to transform the model in a multi-purpose and multifunctional complexes. Only with the use o ...
22 April 2012


€ 3.000.000
I propose radically new invention trawls, trawl boards operate without providing the operation sparing operation of main engine and trawl sector. Types of fishing: squid and pelagic fishes. The rate at catching 1-2 node, a search with a trawl: 8-10 knots. The joint collaboration for the implementation of inventions. ...
09 November 2011

Effective fishing in the open ocean.

Extraction of aquatic organisms from the open parts of the world ocean in seamounts regions at depths of 0-2000 meters with a serial large-trawler, stern trawling, adapted usage of various tools and fishing output of deep processing: fillet, canned goods, preserves, biologically active food supplements, medicines, fi ...
15 August 2011


€ 500
Fishing and hunting holidays. ...
29 July 2011
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