Watering plants

€ 300.000
Без ограничения
I found how to enter into the irrigation system of capillaries of soil as a full member of the system of irrigation. Capillaries assume normalized function in a natural way, the delivery of moisture from the reservoir to the plant roots. Also kollosalnyh saving fresh water, which use a very cost-conscious, reshayutsya ...
15 July 2014

We are looking for partners and investors in the high profitable business on sapropel

We invite investors and partners in the opening of the high-yield production business in Russia, Tyumen region (20 km from Tyumen). Business is based on release of products from raw wetland and lake deposits of peat and sapropel. ...
18 December 2013

Construction project for the production of 800 tons per year of rabbit meat from feed mills

€ 11
Тамбовская область
Create the year 2016 in the Petrovsky district of Tambov region system of competitive enterprises engaged in the production of rabbit meat consisting of breeding and hybrid center, feedlots, feed production and slaughter house to effectively produce and implement a competitive rabbit meat in slaughter weight of 800 ton ...
08 November 2013

We are looking for partners and investors in the business sapropel

Center for SAPROPELS the capacity of opening new production facilities for the extraction and processing of sapropel in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. ...
12 August 2013

"Highly competitive business of fattening cattle ordinary Russian meat and dairy."

€ 1.000.000
Краснодарский край
High competitiveness (return> 100% on feed at market value) and high efficiency (average live weight gain = 1.2 kg. Above for the whole fattening period) is achieved by combining many energy, biological and physico-chemical processes in a single process unit to reduce costs in the production of highly productive forage ...
24 June 2013

Disposal of biological waste, the production of meat and bone meal, fat and soap.

€ 2
Russia, Samara region
Good day! I am looking for an investor for the development of the enterprise for the production of meat bone meal. Plant and land ownership. Equipment is required to increase the power output and the opening of additional production lines - oil and soap. Willing to consider your proposal for investment or buying a busi ...
28 January 2013

Cultivation of soybean

€ 3.000.000
Амурская область
Growing soybeans. The area of ??land with the / x-purpose - 11,000 ha. ...
11 March 2012

Production of high quality feed and supplements based on herbs.

€ 3.000.000
It is proposed highly profitable production for the production of fodder and fodder additives from environmentally friendly raw materials and green mass of plants. Has a number of advantages associated with a high return on investment, in terms of environmental cleanliness products, and less harm done to nature by Daan ...
20 October 2011
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