Fashion and Beauty

Need an investor for the further development of the project. Culture.

€ 5.000.000
Creating a financial platform for the autonomy project. ...
12 August 2014

Innovative exclusive project aimed at promoting!

€ 20.000
STARSPLUS Starsplus.club
Plans to open an office in St. Petersburg to conduct innovative exclusive project, first in St. Petersburg, to my knowledge, this has not met (online analytics, organizations SPB). ...
12 June 2014

Investments in modern, new company FBLS

€ 2.500.000
Seeking allies. Propose to invest in my company. Two years I have been benefiting from the project. Appeared experience and partners. More information about the investment at the official site WORLDCOMPANYSTORE.RU ...
18 January 2014

Exotic leather

€ 1.000.000
We are looking for an investor in the project on trade leather of exotic animals. ...
03 April 2013

Club "Tugs Goo"

€ 5.000
Club "Tugs Goo" Women are women change internally and externally, such as helping to hide and change their attitude. ...
05 June 2012

Jewellery franchise

€ 2.500
I am currently working on the opening point of imitation jewelry from the franchise. Products from them is not expensive, is in demand in all seasons (160 p. Wholesale), mark-up depends on the conscience of the seller. Now I work with landlords. The minimum amount of supplies - 50 TR, there are no fees. Costs only for ...
02 January 2012

Soaps and cosmetics handmade

€ 20.000
Россия, Екатеринбург
Opening of a store selling handmade soaps and cosmetics work. In the future, a network of stores. ...
05 October 2011

Beauty salon

€ 200.000
I am looking for investors to open a salon of beauty and style in Almaty (Kazakhstan). Treat this business as a serious and profitable business. ...
27 September 2011

Network of express erecting buildings for salon-studios

€ 3.000.000
The area of one building is supposed to cover 200-300 м2. 1st half of the building area is under hairdressing salon, shoe and clothes repair shop and fashionable costume jewellery store. ...
10 January 2011

Beauty salons network

€ 1.800.000
Creation of a beauty salons network in which one can find a wide range of services: ...
03 January 2011

Network of tailor's workshops

€ 900.000
Network of tailor's workshops in Kiev that render services like custom tailoring of any materials and cloth repairing. ...
29 December 2010
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