Extractive industry

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€ 50.000.000
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09 March 2017

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€ 100.000
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22 August 2016


€ 120.000
The proposed invention in increasing oil production to create products and services in the wells. Invented, patented, manufactured, certified, tested wells in the hydraulic vibrator wireline. ...
10 February 2016

Oil companies require investment of 10 million. Rubles

€ 124.000
We suggest you consider the project on development of the oil company "Uraltransneft Co., Ltd." in the city of Perm. The first phase is proposed to repurchase the field, "Sherbinskaya" license was issued in October 2010 (renewal) year until 2026, with possible extension. Shtokman's C1 * - 64 ths. Tons and 10 thousa ...
22 January 2016

The investment project - the development of deposits of gabbro-diabase stone

The investment project - the development of deposits of gabbro-diabase stone ...
03 November 2015

I am looking for an investor - partner. Gold mining.

I offer to businesses and individuals to participate in the profitability of the project mining of placer gold as an investor. ...
19 June 2015

Manufacture of jewelery

€ 1.000.000
Investing for current assets operating business of manufacturing and selling jewelry. ...
06 April 2015

Construction of the plant for the production of lime

€ 229.000
Production of lime in Zabaykalsvom region. There is a preliminary agreement on the sale of 30 thousand tons per year. There are large consumers. Redeemed field, Earth, itd Sales ...
07 February 2015

Construction of Cement Plant in the Trans-Baikal Territory

€ 24.300.000
Zabakalsky edge only major subjects without their own cement production. At this stage, redeemed by a limestone mine, the land, the contract for the supply of equipment, a full set of pre dokumentatsiit.d ...
07 February 2015

Alluvial gold

€ 1.500.000
Ltd. is looking for an investor to participate in the auction and the joint production of placer gold ...
19 September 2013

Joint development of gold deposits

€ 2.000.000
Large construction enterprises with experience of over 15 years, has all the necessary equipment, personnel, and the license is looking for investors for the joint development of small deposits of gold and base metals. ...
08 March 2013

Mining and metallurgical complex

€ 20.000.000
Mining complex processing ilmenite-titanomagnetite ores The project development of placer deposits of ilmenite-titanomagnetite ores Satka district organization and the mining complex with a complete production cycle from extraction to finished marketable products a wide range of (ferro-titanium, ferro-vanadium, zhelezh ...
14 February 2013

CONSTRUCTION ballast quarries in Karelia

€ 6.300.000
Offered for sale or joint development of the business, located in the Republic of Karelia (Granite crushed stone quarry). The license for subsoil issued before 2032 as a result of exploration work deposits of gabbro-diabase in number of at least 25 million cubic meters / cubic meter. in the dense body. (approved stocks ...
23 January 2013

Coal mining, construction of thermal power station, Coke, 3 coal mines

€ 3
Крпасноярский край
Coal mining enterprise with annual production of 1 million tons of coal a year looking for an investor. Investment volume of U.S. $ 3.5 billion over 10 years ...
21 January 2013

investment in oil production

€ 180
Красноярский край
Buying oil company with a license to oil production in the Krasnoyarsk region. Need an investor. Give 50% of the shares. ...
21 January 2013

creation of a new granite quarry

€ 5
Investment is needed in the creation of the mining and processing of granite rubble of various fractions. ...
26 September 2012

Partner or investor for the implementation of projects in the subsoil

The project provides for the production of 100 thousand tons. manganese concentrates on innovative X-ray radiometric separation. ...
18 April 2012

Diamond mining in Angola.

€ 30.000.000
Diamond mining in Angole.Vse issues have been resolved at the level of government. Profit 300% per annum. ...
09 February 2012

Quarrying of limestone construction.

€ 3.500.000
Тульская область
I am looking for an investor to create areas of company for the production of crushed stone 112.5 m3/hr capacity based on site Akulshinskogo Obidimo-Pyatnitskiy field. The quarry has an advantageous geographical location: 170 km of M2 Crimea, 18 km from Tula, near x / d plant. ...
31 January 2012

Development Larin deposit of white marble

Челябинская область. Каслинский район. Село Ларино
Project: Development of Larin deposit of white marble, Chelyabinsk region. Kasli area. Larino village. Initiator: LLC PF "Quarry" ...
16 December 2011

Sell ??cut-grade coal "D "

€ 101.250.000
Coal grade D. The volume of deposits of 415 million tons. To train branches of 35 km. Been placed on energy. Mining of non-existent. Carried out geological exploration of the availability, quality and quantity of coal. The land is leased from the owner. Licensed to 2035g. The incision is on the border of the Novosibirs ...
10 November 2011

Coal Mine, Brand GJ + F

€ 50.000.000
Кемеровская область
Opencast mining. The volume of deposits of 60 million tons. The aim of the project, production and sale of stamps GJ + F, as well as coking. ...
07 October 2011

Floating Refinery

€ 8.000.000
We offer cooperation and partnership for the production of offshore oil refineries, abbr. PNPZ looking for partners or sponsors - profit distribution 50/50% principle answer - interesting that you do not have or below summarizes the refinery. ...
06 October 2011

Gold mining - diamonds

€ 500.000
Республика Гвинея .
Offer to enter into the share of gold and diamonds. ...
04 September 2011
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