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Entertainment center "Inverted House"

Business: Entertainment Center "Inverted House" (Panic Room, a room mirror maze, 5D-cinema, the museum of illusions, a café-restaurant, and others.) ...
31 December 2015

Song of the Falcon 3D Cartoon

€ 2.000
Мультфильм о Высших Ценностях
Need a sponsor for the project, "Song of the Falcon" by Maxim Gorky. Cartoon will go 7 minutes korotkomerazhny. Scenario 2 pieces written already established model, partly aniamtsiya. Read more, I guarantee you are interested. ...
20 September 2014

Need an investor for the further development of the project. Culture.

€ 5.000.000
Creating a financial platform for the autonomy project. ...
12 August 2014

Innovative exclusive project aimed at promoting!

€ 20.000
STARSPLUS Starsplus.club
Plans to open an office in St. Petersburg to conduct innovative exclusive project, first in St. Petersburg, to my knowledge, this has not met (online analytics, organizations SPB). ...
12 June 2014

Investments in modern, new company FBLS

€ 2.500.000
Seeking allies. Propose to invest in my company. Two years I have been benefiting from the project. Appeared experience and partners. More information about the investment at the official site WORLDCOMPANYSTORE.RU ...
18 January 2014

Partnership for the production of printed materials.

I propose a partnership for the production of printed materials, packaging, and product catalogs that are available in Bulgaria and the EU. ...
11 December 2012

Branding, Design & Innovation Studio

€ 185.000
A creative team needs funding for a Manila-based studio catering services related to Branding, Design and Innovative Production. All services target all organizations and businesses in all sizes: from small enterprises to multinational companies. ...
08 June 2012

Prodyussersky center with an international recording studio in an analog studio in New York

€ 1.000.000
Construction of an international recording studio, opening the company's sales and leasing concert equipment. The site is ready for use, personnel matched. All you need investment. One investor has nats.bank Ireland financed by other projects and partially funding this. Everything is ready mixer bought works in another ...
18 January 2012
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