Engineering and metalworking

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€ 1.140.000
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08 March 2017

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€ 2.500.000
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23 October 2016

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€ 420.000
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02 May 2016


€ 120.000
The proposed invention in increasing oil production to create products and services in the wells. Invented, patented, manufactured, certified, tested wells in the hydraulic vibrator wireline. ...
10 February 2016

Filter sump

€ 100.000
The investor is required in the project of introducing a new type of filtering equipment. ...
25 November 2014

Internal combustion engine

€ 500.000
Required investment in the project implementation of the new internal combustion engine. ...
25 November 2014

Investments are needed in large industrial enterprise

Plant for the production of metal and metal furniture requires investors to expand production capacity ...
31 March 2014

unique machine for large diameter annular surfaces milling

€ 150
Россия, ЦФО, Иваново
Replaces processing on the carousel stanke.Znachitelnaya savings are achieved through the mobility of the machine, which moves away from the workpiece to detali.Idealno for processing turntables excavators and similar items ...
17 January 2014

We are looking for an investor, lender partner.

Саратовская область
We are looking for an investor, lender partner. Metalworking, production of spare parts for agricultural machinery and railway. 7600 square meters of production space, 100 units of equipment. Administrative offices. Land ownership. Two substations. Streamlined sales, customer base ...
13 August 2013

Alternative energy

€ 150.000
THE PNEUMAHYDRAULIC ENGINE Mechanism that works with fluid (water) and concentrated air ...
09 March 2012

Precision CNC

€ 700.000
Manufacture of precision CNC machine tools. accuracy of 0.01 mm ...
31 January 2012

Service Center thermochemical treatment of steel and cast iron.

€ 3.200.000
Санкт-Петербург, Минск
In industrial tsetrah, create the possibility of free access of all greatness and ownership of modern equipment and advanced technologies. Create the conditions for transition metal-working plants to a qualitatively new technological level ...
23 December 2011

Fabrication shop

€ 1.310.000
Россия г. ЛИпецк
- Two-storey production facility (lit.a1) - 3436 sq ft - two-storey administrative building (lit.) - 1138.3 m; office building furnished. The manufacturing plant is equipped with the following equipment: two bridge cranes, press krivogibochny, press brakes, shears, pipe bending machine, bending machine, the machine gri ...
16 December 2011


€ 500.000
не имеет значения
Appointment of Business: Industrial renewal trucks, cars, special vehicles. Parts and components of different mechanisms of light and heavy industry. Electrical and energy-machinery, motors, pumps and compressors. ...
04 November 2011

Technology and design of single-cut molds

Single-cut molds for manufacturing of various products like paving, roads and walksides. ...
18 August 2011

Vortex heat

€ 20.700.000
Vortex heat designed to save energy in obtaining the heat efficiency is 700% and has a screw swirler, performed with non-uniform along the length of the helix pitch of its winding, has no analogues in the world. The developed world has swirlers Vortex heat plate and perforated, which swirled liquid stream strikes the s ...
01 August 2011

Rotary machine

€ 20.700.000
The rotary engine (pumps, compressors, heat engines and drives) includes 2 drum, which are located in the housing for rotation and which are connected by two diametrically spaced teeth with large height of the tooth so that the teeth are one drum, and another - dentate depression, while the remaining surface of the dru ...
01 August 2011

Electromagnetic machine

€ 20.700.000
Electromagnetic machine has a non-magnetic disc rotor are installed on permanent magnets which interact with the same number of electromagnets on the stator, which is included on every half turn for each revolution of the shaft at the time of the coincidence of similar poles of a permanent magnet and electromagnet. Sin ...
01 August 2011

Engine with an external supply of heat

€ 100.000
Engine with an external supply of heat is made in the form of the radial coil springs stretched connection with their sequels, located in the zones of heating and cooling, in the form of plates or wire tonkotelyh of steel with a high coefficient of thermal expansion, and disk and outer ring with the shaft, rigidly and ...
01 August 2011

Special manufacturing process and equipment

Your attention is invited to introduce your company special manufacturing process and equipment for cross-wedge rolling (PEP) of finished parts from rolling. ...
29 July 2011

Recycling mukulatury. Equipment and factories.

Organization of serial production of equipment for paper recycling, the establishment of basic enterprises producing molded paper products, and potentially a regional network of small processing plants recycled into high-molded products based on manufactured equipment. ...
30 June 2011
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