Electric Power

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€ 100.000
Латвия, Германия
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01 August 2016


€ 160.000
The business case study of the HYPERION 1 project is based on the preparatory studies and the pre-engineering one of the world leaders in this field, the German engineering company Flagsol Ltd., Cologne (now TSK Flagsol Ltd.). Between 2009 and 2011 the company has carried out a comprehensive prefeasibility study on the ...
04 December 2014

Sree Sai Aerotech Innovations Pvt Ltd

€ 1.200.000
The Company has been established to produce Drones for civilian use for a global market. We mean it and have proved it, we have got in more active members into the fascinating world of aero modeling in the past couple of years than has been the case in the past decades. We source our products directly from manufacturer ...
04 December 2014

Network of solar power plants

€ 120.000
I am looking for investors. Network of solar power plants Power Clouds 1 $ = 32rub. at 14% per annum ...
19 October 2014

Looking for an investor to build production and construction company

€ 1.000.000
Looking for an investor to build production and construction company, the main direction of energy and communications ...
21 April 2014

The production of cheap electricity with zero emissions.

€ 150.000
Engine (mechanism) produces electricity for this using compressed air. The idea is to use the compressed air energy through the release of this energy in the environment - in particular water ...
25 October 2013

Alternative Energy - "Oxygen station"

€ 8.840.000
The "Oxygen power unit" provides for the establishment, on the basis of the technology and know-how, the experimental thermal power plant capable of producing pure thermal, mechanical or electrical energy, using atmospheric oxygen as fuel cell. This power plant is able to easily replace all now existing metho ...
11 July 2013

Alternative Energy. Production of mobile wind turbines.

€ 605.000
're Looking for an investor to launch a full-scale commercial production of mobile and stationary legkovozvodimyh wind turbines with a nominal capacity of 10.1 kW with rotor F-Darya river, with visible benefits of innovation. The product is protected by RF patent № 119821. To date, all completed research, expertise ...
20 December 2012

Alternative energy

€ 150.000
THE PNEUMAHYDRAULIC ENGINE Mechanism that works with fluid (water) and concentrated air ...
09 March 2012

Oil refinery

€ 50.000.000
Cracking of oil into light oil products and by-products of synthesis ...
20 February 2012

Implementation of energy service contracts

€ 1.000.000
Республика Алтай
State, municipal agencies in the region have a low efficiency of energy use. Company operating in the field of energy auditing, design and construction provides energy service contracts jointly implemented with the fiscal and municipal organizations. ...
08 December 2011

Without a fuel engine

€ 50.000
KNOW-HOW. Investments are required in stages. The electrical, autonomic, will replace any item in hot water, heating, gas and electricity. The energy produced on site. In the small load power is given to the network of RAO UES. Installation does not require any fuel. ...
03 November 2011

Wind turbines on a magnetic levitation

Working capital financing for the purchase of wind turbines on magnetic levitation and the further spread of the Russian market ...
21 October 2011

Biogas plant

€ 1.500.000
Biogas plant for processing waste into biogas (methane), electrical and thermal energy, clean water and dry fertilizers. ...
30 September 2011

The project «Nebohod»

€ 100.000
It is proposed to build a new hybrid design balloon, airship and at the same time a source of alternative energy. Now the project is at an early stage of design, details can be viewed at www.nebohod.com ...
04 August 2011
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