Era speakers

€ 58.242
We are looking for funding for in the StartUp project (business creation) in "Producing and promotion of Russian and foreign speakers' organization live and online events in Russia, the CIS and the Russian-speaking population of the planet required amount of investments - 5 million. Rubles Goal - the creation, ...
18 January 2016

unique kindergarten for gifted children

€ 15
Nursery school for gifted children, unique. High parental demand for this type of garden and the support of the city administration ...
13 August 2015


€ 200.000
Platform that provides functionality: social network, play and learning multimediaproekt aimed at the physical education of children around the world. ...
15 March 2015

Search investment to open a private elementary school (board)

€ 3.000.000
Boarding school for boys and girls 1-3 class. Education is paid. At the same time will be trained on the 3 classes, each of not more than 9 people. Only primary school will be trained up to 80 children. Training will be carried out under the state program using the teaching kit "School intel-T." The children will work ...
08 December 2014

Remote training system with AI

€ 130.000
Investments are needed in the development of distance learning systems with artificial intelligence ...
19 July 2014

Required investment of $ 6 million. rubles for the project in the sphere of additional images

€ 119.379
Required investment of $ 6 million. rubles for the project in further education students. Refund within 24 months. Gross income - 20,924,100 rubles. Net profit after return on investment (24 mo.) - 7,927,625 rubles. Margin - 44% ...
10 March 2014

Veterinary Web Format

€ 210.000
Москва, Россия
Looking for an investor partner to finance the project "Veterinary Web Format". Professional and non-traditional educational project for learning, work and creative development florists designers. Its socio-commercial component - 100% guarantee to provide jobs. The project is a multi-stage development program that is f ...
17 December 2013

Serendib Spa Resort Medicare Training Institute Complex - Finland.

€ 15
The planned construction of the Eldercare Spa and Medicare Training complex is located within the boundaries of the land area of approximately 4.29 hectares, which is allotted to the Traxer Ltd company. The property is located in Lohja on the banks of Lake Hiidenvesi, which leads to Baltic Sea. The plan includes: e ...
05 July 2012
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