Development, opening

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€ 100
Литва г.Вильнюс
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20 November 2016

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€ 100.000
Латвия, Германия
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01 August 2016

Innovation project (pharmaceuticals and entertainment), is not unique

€ 600.000.000
Россия, Москва
I am looking for partners (1-3) for the construction Serpentarium, Exotarium, vivarium, veterinaries (if desired, and the opportunities and farmlaboratorii) in the Moscow region. Purpose of building Serpentarium: snake venom to receive subsequent sales farmfabrikam. Demonstration selection poison snakes exotarium visit ...
06 October 2015

Remote training system with AI

€ 130.000
Investments are needed in the development of distance learning systems with artificial intelligence ...
19 July 2014

Invest in high-tech! Profitability 100% - 10,000%!

€ 100.000
Necessary investment of $ 100,000 to launch the production know-how technology. Full readiness. ...
17 March 2014

Fise - Search interesting movie

€ 5.000
Россия, Москва
This project will help people to find interesting movie, based on interests, ideology, culture, and human etc. Users can also find interesting films indicating interest criteria, among which are: the concept of the movie, the year in which the film unfolds, the interests of the protagonist and his world; nature of the ...
20 February 2014

Investment in start ups

€ 500.000
Investment projects for the development stage start up ...
16 August 2012


€ 1.000.000
Ladies and Gentlemen! LLC SAFE ENERGY; expresses its respect and consideration of offers for the project; PRODUCTION OF INNOVATIVE MATERIALS based on pearlite; ...
30 November 2011


€ 3.000.000
I propose radically new invention trawls, trawl boards operate without providing the operation sparing operation of main engine and trawl sector. Types of fishing: squid and pelagic fishes. The rate at catching 1-2 node, a search with a trawl: 8-10 knots. The joint collaboration for the implementation of inventions. ...
09 November 2011

Without a fuel engine

€ 50.000
KNOW-HOW. Investments are required in stages. The electrical, autonomic, will replace any item in hot water, heating, gas and electricity. The energy produced on site. In the small load power is given to the network of RAO UES. Installation does not require any fuel. ...
03 November 2011

Studies of obtaining pure nanocrystalline silicon

€ 250.000
In this study, carried out experiments to accelerate the receipt of silicon nanocrystals with a purity exceeding 90% for the study of both physical and chemical properties ...
12 October 2011

Vortex heat

€ 20.700.000
Vortex heat designed to save energy in obtaining the heat efficiency is 700% and has a screw swirler, performed with non-uniform along the length of the helix pitch of its winding, has no analogues in the world. The developed world has swirlers Vortex heat plate and perforated, which swirled liquid stream strikes the s ...
01 August 2011

Rotary machine

€ 20.700.000
The rotary engine (pumps, compressors, heat engines and drives) includes 2 drum, which are located in the housing for rotation and which are connected by two diametrically spaced teeth with large height of the tooth so that the teeth are one drum, and another - dentate depression, while the remaining surface of the dru ...
01 August 2011

Electromagnetic machine

€ 20.700.000
Electromagnetic machine has a non-magnetic disc rotor are installed on permanent magnets which interact with the same number of electromagnets on the stator, which is included on every half turn for each revolution of the shaft at the time of the coincidence of similar poles of a permanent magnet and electromagnet. Sin ...
01 August 2011

Engine with an external supply of heat

€ 100.000
Engine with an external supply of heat is made in the form of the radial coil springs stretched connection with their sequels, located in the zones of heating and cooling, in the form of plates or wire tonkotelyh of steel with a high coefficient of thermal expansion, and disk and outer ring with the shaft, rigidly and ...
01 August 2011

Fuel-free energy.

I have done 302 effective and profitable-for-business inventions (engines, cars, bikes and many other things based on fuel-free energy). ...
29 July 2011

Special manufacturing process and equipment

Your attention is invited to introduce your company special manufacturing process and equipment for cross-wedge rolling (PEP) of finished parts from rolling. ...
29 July 2011

Energy of a new generation.

€ 50.000.000
Start of production of new types of generating units, as well as a hydrogen combustion engine. ...
27 July 2011
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