Chemicals and petrochemicals

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€ 6
Please contacts with administration: support@lookinvestment.com ...
07 June 2016

Export supplies of bitumen, petroleum products in Mongolia

€ 300
Mongolia has actively conducted road construction. In 2015, construction of the highway with length of 997 km in the meridional direction Altanbulag (Russian border) - Ulaanbaatar - Zamyn Uud (Chinese border) Implementation packed bitumen in Mongolia makes it possible to exclude intermediaries both in Russia and Mongol ...
15 September 2015

Patch for the repair of oil wells

€ 110
Республика Башкортостан
Elaboration of shape memory metal will be made of metal patches designed for the repair of oil wells casing. ...
21 February 2014

Quickly paid back the mini refinery

€ 800
We are looking for an investor to quickly pay off a mini refinery. Payback within 10 months. ...
13 May 2013

Cement factory project looking for investor

Cement factory project looking for investor ...
03 May 2013

We sell retail network in the Smolensk region.

€ 1.200.000
We sell retail network in the Smolensk region in the 4 shtuk.Kommercheskoe proposal send by mail. ...
07 October 2012

Oil and chemical production

€ 90
Construction of oil-producing chemical Zabdi DCPD (poliditsiklopintodien). Can be characterized as a substitute for aluminum. Two stages. Stage 1 - $ 30M, Stage 2 - $ 120M / Payback 5.4 years. Profit from 25 months. Construction of 3 years. Income per year - 5 billion p. Net income in the year - a billion p. A team of ...
12 July 2012

Restoration of tires

€ 100.000
There is a technique to restore the tires. Payback is colossal. According to preliminary calculations for the construction of the necessary equipment needed 3 million - 5 million RUR ...
08 April 2012

Sugar factory

€ 40.000.000
Improved technology for processing of sugar ...
15 March 2012


€ 20.000.000
Recycling, obtaining polymers, metals and other substances from the waste by cleaning ...
06 March 2012

Oil refinery

€ 50.000.000
Cracking of oil into light oil products and by-products of synthesis ...
20 February 2012

I am looking for investors for the processing of gas condensate.

€ 5.000.000
I am looking for investors for the processing of gas condensate in Orenburg, Russia. Investment is needed from 5 to 20 million euros. depending on volume. Possible to build a plant for processing gas condensate. Will consider all offers. ...
11 November 2011


€ 12.000.000
Refinery, mothballed, Moscow district, the availability of work experience in this field. The presence of contracts and agreements for the supply of raw materials. ...
16 October 2011

Studies of obtaining pure nanocrystalline silicon

€ 250.000
In this study, carried out experiments to accelerate the receipt of silicon nanocrystals with a purity exceeding 90% for the study of both physical and chemical properties ...
12 October 2011

Floating Refinery

€ 8.000.000
We offer cooperation and partnership for the production of offshore oil refineries, abbr. PNPZ looking for partners or sponsors - profit distribution 50/50% principle answer - interesting that you do not have or below summarizes the refinery. ...
06 October 2011

Creating an effective oil company

I suggest the investor to participate in creating the most efficient oil producing business. In the Saratov region, 59 companies produce oil. A large company - and one of more than 58 small companies engaged in oil production. All these companies are owned 121 oil and gas deposits. The choice is. Some of these deposits ...
27 July 2011
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