Business-center “Voroncov”

€ 14.000.000
Business center "Vorontsov" is located in Odessa together with the largest seaport of Ukraine. 2/3 of turnover is oil and its products. Odessa - the biggest economic center in the south of Ukraine. Transport and foreign trade are the main national economic functions which are performed by the city within the internati ...
30 December 2010

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€ 50.000.000
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09 March 2017

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€ 10.000.000
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27 March 2016

The land for the construction of villas, cottages weaving 150,000 rubles.

Land for construction of country houses, cottages. 3-6-9-12 ha, river, forest, road, communications along the border. 35 km from the Moscow Ring Road East. ...
12 November 2013

Greenhouse agro Mosk.obl. 800000 $ 000.00

Greenhouse Agricultural Center in mosk.oblasti growing cucumbers, tomatoes and roses. Land owned 30 hectares. Full business project. Resolved the question of implementation. Investment is needed. Full payback of 3.5 years. ...
12 November 2013

The existing recreation center.

€ 12.000.000
Ярославская область
1. Hotel Complex 3900 sq.m. 2. Recreational 700 sq.m. 3. Residential building a three-level 315 sq.m. ...
05 November 2013

Mobile Payment System

€ 25.000.000
г. Якутск
The goal of our project to simplify the use of mobile phone as a means of payment and other financial transactions. We plan to create a technology "Global mobile payment system" (the "GLOMPS") helps people with any level of technical knowledge and skills to use a cell phone as a primary means of payment in the first pl ...
26 March 2013

Project financing for European credit rates

€ 3.000.000
One of the main specialties of the Euro-Czech investment fund business is medium-term (up to 5 years) and long term (10-12 years) Czech banks project financing investment projects in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, as well as lending equipment import and supply of technology in the implementation of State Programme of ...
27 December 2012

Center for the issuance of microloans

€ 1.000
The organization issuing microloans to the population center, through collaboration with major microfinance organizations through the agency agreement. ...
07 August 2012

Entrepreneurs Microfinance Bank Project in Tanzania

€ 400
There is a need for the new Entrepreneurs' Microfinance Bank which will support many entrepreneurs to grow and improve their Lives ...
25 February 2012

Issuance microloans to the population

€ 500.000
Business - issuing microloans to the population ...
19 September 2011
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