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€ 802.000
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01 March 2016


€ 287.400
д. Стризнево, Вологодского района, Вологодской обл
This project is a plan to create Poultry with cash turnover of two years. Project leader: Stanislav Mikhailov G. The project idea: The idea of ​​creating Poultry turnover of two years has three objectives: 1. Creating a highly profitable enterprise. 2. Profit. 3. Satisfaction of the consumer market consumption of live ...
14 July 2015

Greenhouse construction, Building a fish farm, construction poultry farm

€ 23
Казахстан Мангисауская обл
Hello ladies and gentlemen! Krestyanskoe economy KFH Rahim Berdy Agro offers to invest the following projects. ...
19 January 2013

Pheasants Island

€ 50.000
Район посёлка Вензили
Breeding for pheasant hunting leases and sales of poultry in retail outlets. ...
25 November 2012

Sugar factory

Dear Sirs, our company wishes to receive investment for development in Russia of a sugar factory. We have a business plan, professional organizers, support for the governor of the region. Price of the investment project 226 million euros. If you are interested in our offer, please make us an official request. Thank you ...
18 June 2012

Production of broiler

€ 1.800.000
The main costs: Reconstruction of buildings 8 pcs. 40 000 euros acquisition of imported equipment floor of content, including:-line feeding and watering, energy-efficient lighting,. System microclimate 8 cpl. 400 000 euro shop slaughter and processing of poultry meat (new construction) 1 set. 500 000 Euro Shop of the g ...
10 November 2011

Hunting ground

€ 1.000.000
с. Ярково Тюменская область
Hunting ground, looking with an investor and partner for various projects (sapropel, briquette fuel, freezing mushrooms, wild game meat, fish, etc.), Terry. 10 997 ha, the lease 49 years, 120 km. from Tyumen and Tobolsk, there fazanary, guest house, 2 floors, 175 m2, 2nd floor room 75 m2 (rounded wood) or sell. Conside ...
19 October 2011

Biogas plant

€ 1.500.000
Biogas plant for processing waste into biogas (methane), electrical and thermal energy, clean water and dry fertilizers. ...
30 September 2011
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