Animal husbandry

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€ 2.000.000
Please contacts with administration: support@lookinvestment.com ...
10 March 2016

Sale Maralovodcheskoe complex

Sale Maralovodcheskoe complex comprising more than 1,600 heads of deer, more than 15 different kinds of art, buildings (garages, warehouses, hotel), bee colonies, a plot of land of about 100 acres owned and more than 10 hectares of leasehold. ...
25 July 2015

We invite partners in the investment project "Ecopark Verestovo"!

€ 22
Good day! We invite partners prepared and existing projects, supported by specific funding, which stage of growth and primary error is passed. I suggest you familiarize yourself with our offer attached in a PDF-file. Link to offer https://yadi.sk/i/wt_KU9DchKcsS (uploaded to Yandex.Disk, because you can not attach file ...
18 June 2015

goose farm

€ 250.000
республика башкортостан
investments are required to create a goose farm in Rep. Bashkortostan, 4,000 heads. investment in the acquisition and modernization of existing facilities and purchase of livestock 4000 pieces. ...
26 March 2015

Construction project for the production of 260 tons per year of rabbit meat

€ 1
Create the end of 2015 on the territory of Byelorussia factory farms engaged in the production of rabbit meat, consisting of breeding and hybrid center, feedlots and slaughter house. There is no one on the farm-like. There is a company kotoroya build this complex Evra stondartom. ...
20 March 2015

investment in s / x (import substitution)

Creating a free economic zone (the Crimea) dairy farm on 400 goals (initial stage) $ 120 000 000 with a maturity of 60 months, the yield of 25-30% of the amount invested. ...
02 December 2014

Watering plants

€ 300.000
Без ограничения
I found how to enter into the irrigation system of capillaries of soil as a full member of the system of irrigation. Capillaries assume normalized function in a natural way, the delivery of moisture from the reservoir to the plant roots. Also kollosalnyh saving fresh water, which use a very cost-conscious, reshayutsya ...
15 July 2014

Construction project for the production of 800 tons per year of rabbit meat from feed mills

€ 11
Тамбовская область
Create the year 2016 in the Petrovsky district of Tambov region system of competitive enterprises engaged in the production of rabbit meat consisting of breeding and hybrid center, feedlots, feed production and slaughter house to effectively produce and implement a competitive rabbit meat in slaughter weight of 800 ton ...
08 November 2013

Building and breeding cattle

Курская область
Construction of a modern complex of cattle and breeding cattle ...
14 March 2013

Greenhouse construction, Building a fish farm, construction poultry farm

€ 23
Казахстан Мангисауская обл
Hello ladies and gentlemen! Krestyanskoe economy KFH Rahim Berdy Agro offers to invest the following projects. ...
19 January 2013

Seeking an investor

€ 2.000.000
Production of duck meat in Moscow ...
29 August 2012

Sugar factory

Dear Sirs, our company wishes to receive investment for development in Russia of a sugar factory. We have a business plan, professional organizers, support for the governor of the region. Price of the investment project 226 million euros. If you are interested in our offer, please make us an official request. Thank you ...
18 June 2012

Animal Farm

€ 500.000
Pork, beef, lamb ...
15 April 2012

The agro-industrial complex "KrolProm "

€ 1.000.000
The agro-industrial complex "KrolProm " - a project aimed at the needs of people in Russia and countries in need of rabbit production activities, their meat, skins, etc.. ...
18 December 2011

Plant for processing of biological waste

€ 11.200.000
Sold the business plan and the project works (construction, manufacturing) for replication in the Russian regions. The unique processing plant death of animals with a rapid payback period of 3 to 4 years, investments of 470 million rubles. The variant of the construction of the factory in other regions. Details on the ...
16 December 2011

Standalone slaughter-processing complex organic whole MRS

€ 20
Standalone slaughter-processing complex organic whole sheep and lambs, without pollution. ...
18 November 2011

Dairy and dairy products

€ 1
Kazakhstan, the agricultural area, farm on 200golov cattle, dairy plant at 3000kg, minikombikor.zavod, accompanying machinery and equipment, BSU, 1.379.300evro costs, the annual profitability of 42%, imported dairy products 280tonn month, not counting the small entrepreneurs and one Private molzavoda buying up products ...
18 November 2011


Project on collection of land snail in nature. And growing snails. ...
17 November 2011

The agro-industrial complex Kroll

€ 1.000.000
The agro-industrial complex in growing rabbits, their cutting and packing, and sales in Russia and imported. Extremely lucrative offer for short term working capital. The essence of AIC "Krall " lies in satisfying the demand for meat rabbit, skin it to work with clothing manufacturers, and sales of fertilizers. ...
09 October 2011

Creating farms ostriches

€ 26.000
Ярославская обл, Ростовский р-н
Creating farms ostriches. There is a 1.5 hectare site with communications. ...
03 October 2011

Biogas plant

€ 1.500.000
Biogas plant for processing waste into biogas (methane), electrical and thermal energy, clean water and dry fertilizers. ...
30 September 2011

Agricultural holding with a full cycle of processing

€ 25.000.000
The concept is to organize a large pig-breeding agricultural complex in two directions: the pork meat production for sale as well as the cultivation of breeding animals (genetics) for subsequent implementation. ... ...
25 July 2011


€ 20.000.000
ECOFARMING project is aimed to set up the first Ukrainian modern Dairy Farm with a full closed-loop production. ...
29 December 2010
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