Investment projects

Required investment in the existing Internet project

Belarusian-Lithuanian company "Aiternna-System", Republic of Belarus, the owner of an Internet project www.aiva.by, is looking for an investor for the further development of the portal. Our company has done a great job for the implementation and development of the project on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. At ...
    08 June 2015

    The rapidly growing network of boutiques lingerie is looking for investors

    € 130.000
    Saint Petersburg,RUSSIAN FEDERATION
    Investment: 8000000 rubles Form of investments: loan payback period: 5 years Yield per year for investors: 20% stage of implementation: operating business Number of employees 15 Max number of investors: 8 Our project is successfully operating for 2 years. We strongly increasing our customer base in June also run an onl ...
      05 June 2015

      Development of the company in West Africa for the collection, processing and exporting of peanuts

      € 6
      Республика Сенегал (Западная Африка)
      We are looking for an investor for a major project for the expansion of the peanut processing plant in West Africa (Republic of Senegal). Senegal's informal name - "Peanut Republic." The project includes the creation of the enterprise for collection, processing and export of complex raw peanuts and produc ...
      21 May 2015

      Advertising Service System "SCREEN-SYSTEM".

      Россия, Москва
      New, technology platform, related to the dynamically developing video advertising sector, emerging only in the advertising market, a successful combination of different areas of development, such as: • One video ad network "INSCREEN"; • Development of a franchise network "SCREEN"; • advertising equi ...
      18 May 2015

      We are looking to create joint Coinvestora export-oriented enterprise for sawmilling

      € 43.000.000
      Chelyabinsk,RUSSIAN FEDERATION
      We are looking to create joint Coinvestora export-oriented enterprises in the field of sawing, drying and shipment for export Cutting boards softwood in Iran, Turkey, Greece and Italy. We have our own sawmill lines SAB, CANALI (Germany), BRENTA (Belgium), capacity of up to 200,000 cubic meters of round timber per year ...
      18 May 2015

      We are looking for co-investors, long-term partner for the development project on the outskirts of Chelyabinsk

      € 1.605.000
      Chelyabinsk,RUSSIAN FEDERATION
      Good day! We are looking for co-investors, long-term partner for the development project "Solar Valley-3" in the best suburb of Chelyabinsk. The project envisages the construction of one large or several secondary shopping centers, office and business, logistics and residential complexes on the construction s ...
      18 May 2015

      Religovedchesky popular science magazine.

      € 5.300
      We are students of Moscow universities, and St. Petersburg State University (PSTGU, Moscow State University, Russian State Humanitarian University and St. Petersburg State University) are working on the creation of the popular science magazine, which will help different cultures to know each other. Our motto is to unde ...
      08 May 2015

      Seeking investor recycling

      Тверская область
      Seeking investor recycling ...
      02 May 2015

      Meat production in Minsk looking for an investor from Moscow or MO

      € 160.000
      Meat production in Minsk looking for an investor from Moscow or MO for the organization of export meat products to the Russian Federation (currently working on the domestic market of Belarus). The investment required for certification of production (the formalities required by the Veterinary Service) and working capita ...
      16 April 2015

      Manufacture of jewelery

      € 1.000.000
      Investing for current assets operating business of manufacturing and selling jewelry. ...
      06 April 2015

      trade activity

      € 50.000
      require investment of 3.5 million. rub., for the redemption of the second part of the trade pavilion of food in Ufa. part of the pavilion in my property. ...
      26 March 2015

      goose farm

      € 250.000
      республика башкортостан
      investments are required to create a goose farm in Rep. Bashkortostan, 4,000 heads. investment in the acquisition and modernization of existing facilities and purchase of livestock 4000 pieces. ...
      26 March 2015

      Manufacture of sets of elite tea

      € 40.000
      The planned facility will be engaged in the creation and launch of a unique purged aimed at international markets. The product of the enterprise will be a high-end tea sets from different countries manufacturers. In addition to raising interest in the product is planned to complete a set of unique information materials ...
      22 March 2015

      Construction project for the production of 260 tons per year of rabbit meat

      € 1
      Create the end of 2015 on the territory of Byelorussia factory farms engaged in the production of rabbit meat, consisting of breeding and hybrid center, feedlots and slaughter house. There is no one on the farm-like. There is a company kotoroya build this complex Evra stondartom. ...
      20 March 2015


      € 200.000
      Platform that provides functionality: social network, play and learning multimediaproekt aimed at the physical education of children around the world. ...
      15 March 2015

      Acting butcher shop in Minsk, looking for an investor for certification for meat products

      Acting butcher shop in Minsk, looking for an investor for certification for meat products (odnosortu, trimming, semi-finished) to the Russian Federation (the resolution applies to all countries EAC). At the moment, working on the domestic market of Belarus. The investment required for certification for the Russian Fede ...
      15 March 2015

      Construction of houses and villas in Turkey

      looking for an investor to build in Turkey, in projects ranging from 500 to 000 $ ... $ 2,000,000 Return of 70% -100% and more Houses 3, 4, 10 floors, sieve 2 -4 homes and villas construction can be carried out in Antalya, Alanya, Belek, Kemer Average time to build a house five months of construction in Turkey is devel ...
      12 March 2015


      € 460.000
      Investing in a successful Internet service ...
      03 March 2015

      social business portal

      € 150.000
      Social business portal (portal name in the design) is a portal for social programs that are created by the trailer "krautfandinga" (national investment), and the business relationship between business and people. The mission of the portal engender new rules for investment in various spheres of society and acc ...
      21 February 2015

      It is proposed co-investment and further implementation of the LCD in the Leningrad region

      Leningradskaya,RUSSIAN FEDERATION
      Construction of residential complex with its own infrastructure at the Leningrad region., Vsevolozhsk district, pos. Murino. ...
      20 February 2015


      € 1
      Республика Беларусь,Витебская область
      Cosmetic reconstruction of the former noble estate with an organization operating as a guest house for the implementation of a set together with the company as a finished business. ...
      16 February 2015

      Growing strawberries remontant

      The "Strawberry" is an integral part of the "CX", which consists of three parallel-series of ongoing projects: - 1. The "Liquid sowing fine seeds in activated media" - 2. The "Strawberry-bearing. Production of berries and seedlings" - 3 . The project "Growing greens using DB ...
      08 February 2015

      Construction of the plant for the production of lime

      € 229.000
      Production of lime in Zabaykalsvom region. There is a preliminary agreement on the sale of 30 thousand tons per year. There are large consumers. Redeemed field, Earth, itd Sales ...
      07 February 2015
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