Investment projects

Investments in woodworking enterprise

€ 16.800.000
We invite investors to participate in construction of a factory in Belarus for deep processing of timber capacity of 100 thousand cubic meters. roundwood per year. This project will allow investors profitable and safe to invest in a modern, thriving industry. ...
02 September 2015

We are looking for investment in Wholesale 500 000

€ 10.000
The company is engaged in wholesale trade in food products in Yekaterinburg, and offers investors an opportunity to profit from the transactions 4% - 12% on invested capital, and to receive stable monthly payments of 5% per month. Complete control of transactions by investors. Investments 500 000, for a period of 2 mon ...
02 September 2015

We are looking for investors for the discovery of gold - mining company

€ 18
We are looking for investment in the opening of the company's production of gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, a passing cleaning man-made piles of dirt. Our patented technology allows to extract up to 98% of raw materials, while having the lowest cost of production of gold in the $ 1 - $ 1.5 per gram. This makes it ...
02 September 2015

Creating a logistics complex class "A" volume of 15 000 pallets in Crimea

€ 4.275.000
The result of this project is the construction of a new logistics complex in the Republic of Crimea and on its basis the provision of logistics services. The project envisages construction of storage buildings 1 Class "A" area of ​​10 000 sq. m. (15,000 pallets) with different temperature regimes "18&quo ...
01 September 2015

Production of skirts for cars premium class.

€ 35.457
PROJECT CONCEPT The basic idea of ​​the project "Lamarti" is the production of expensive aero premium class cars (Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, BMW), with the further implementation of their official dealers showrooms across Russia for compensation as a% of sales. We provide the opportunity to car buyer ...
24 August 2015

Shop prices (One price shop)

€ 70
Creating a network of shops with a single fixed-price ...
19 August 2015

unique kindergarten for gifted children

€ 15
Nursery school for gifted children, unique. High parental demand for this type of garden and the support of the city administration ...
13 August 2015

Production of organic products in the new generation ekofermah

€ 150.000
Invest in agroturistichekuyu created by a group of companies. We produce organic food, build ecological tourist sites. The group of companies created in the global trend of mankind's transition from ruthless exploitation and destruction of nature and the environment for respect and restoration of natural habitats o ...
03 August 2015

Invest in a metalworks factory with profit 21-22% in high season!

€ 10.000.000
The investor is required for the conversion and expansion of production capacity to the existing plant of metal. ...
26 July 2015

Sale Maralovodcheskoe complex

Sale Maralovodcheskoe complex comprising more than 1,600 heads of deer, more than 15 different kinds of art, buildings (garages, warehouses, hotel), bee colonies, a plot of land of about 100 acres owned and more than 10 hectares of leasehold. ...
25 July 2015

Gold mining in Latin America, processing technogenic dumps.

€ 500
Латинская Америка
It takes from 500 to 000 $ 2 500 000 $ for the production and the ability to extract pure gold, and eventually silver and copper in Latin America. Republic of Peru. ...
20 July 2015


€ 287.400
д. Стризнево, Вологодского района, Вологодской обл
This project is a plan to create Poultry with cash turnover of two years. Project leader: Stanislav Mikhailov G. The project idea: The idea of ​​creating Poultry turnover of two years has three objectives: 1. Creating a highly profitable enterprise. 2. Profit. 3. Satisfaction of the consumer market consumption of live ...
14 July 2015

We are looking for an investor for the tourist center aparthotel "Native land" in Kostroma

We offer you! Business -Draft tourist complex aparthotel "Native coast" in Kostroma, on the right bank of the Volga River between avtopeshehodnym and rail bridges in the region Cherniginskoy waterfront, the first line of 100 m to the water environment in the city, comfort and convenience. Tourist complex is l ...
13 July 2015

Ural development. modernization of the existing wood processing

€ 300.000
Свердловская область
The result of this project is to modernize the existing wood processing and sales of manufactured products up to 10 000 m3 per year. Reference: - Site area: 10,847 sq.m. - Capital structure: bldg. Garage - 90.8 square meters, build. office - 154.8 square meters, build. Sawmill - 201 sqm, build. carpentry workshop - 832 ...
13 July 2015

We invite investors in the furniture business

€ 170.000
Looking for investor (s) to run a furniture shop. It requires 5-7mln. rub. with a return on investment within the first 1.5-2 years. Further, during the year - profits on investments. The volume is discussed individually depending on the investment. Investment terms:% share in the company + guarantees as collateral ass ...
08 July 2015

Investing in women's fashion apparel shop

€ 8.000.000
Россия, г.Санкт-Петербург
We are looking for investment in women's fashion apparel store its own production! ...
    06 July 2015

    I am looking for an investor to open a real estate development company

    I am looking for an investor for the joint opening of the real estate development firm. Ready to take the creation and development of real estate development company, is ready to give this process all your time and immerse yourself in this process for more than 5 years. (In future years to 15) About Me: I'm 25, I w ...
    23 June 2015

    I am looking for an investor - partner. Gold mining.

    I offer to businesses and individuals to participate in the profitability of the project mining of placer gold as an investor. ...
    19 June 2015

    We invite partners in the investment project "Ecopark Verestovo"!

    € 22
    Good day! We invite partners prepared and existing projects, supported by specific funding, which stage of growth and primary error is passed. I suggest you familiarize yourself with our offer attached in a PDF-file. Link to offer https://yadi.sk/i/wt_KU9DchKcsS (uploaded to Yandex.Disk, because you can not attach file ...
    18 June 2015

    Wanted to 8 million. Up to 1 year. The current project. Real Estate.

    The project - land DNP, the St. Petersburg region. Currently: 1. Land demarcated 2. Each has a certificate of ownership. 3. Decorated in the nat. face. 4. The location is good, the project is made with all the regulations, all agreed. Investments are needed for the current activity, organization NPD, roads, communicati ...
    18 June 2015

    MFZHK Three Towers

    € 23.911.200
    Multifunctional residential complex klassnosti enhanced with built-attached premises and underground car parking. ...
      16 June 2015

      Search co-investors

      € 20.000
      Company LLC "CPM Stroymontazh" declares itself in the construction market as a reliable Artist. Together with other companies creates a group of investment and construction companies (GISCO) "SoyuzSTROY-Etta." Accumulated combined experience to successfully perform the service agent in the selection and scrutiny - econ ...
      16 June 2015

      Investing in existing companies

      € 20.000
      Several firms, declared himself on the construction market as a reliable Artists, created a group of investment and construction companies (GISCO) "SoyuzSTROY-Etta." Accumulated experience allows the joint, including the services of an agent to perform successfully in the selection and scrutiny - economically promising ...
      16 June 2015

      Investing in a successful internet business

      € 535.000
      Investments are needed in cashback portal site which contains the most popular shops and services of Russia, the US, Europe and China. ...
      13 June 2015

      Project financing and facilitating execution

      € 200.000
      We cooperate with business partners on the terms of the verified service agreement. Terms of collaboration are flexible, however, an essential condition, which in our opinion, should be announced soon - that is our financial interest in the amount of 3% of the project and debt financing. ...
      12 June 2015
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