Investment projects

A car washing network.

A unique car washing project has been created according to market analysis. We have got basis under European standards in order to provide this kind of service. Profitability according to the business plan - 170% The required investment amount for launch of the first set - 17 million of rubles. The maximum period fo ...
22 July 2011

Non network sport'n'entertainment complex.

The main direction of the investment project is to create a non-network sport'n'entertainment complex in the central part of the Lozovaya city (Kharkiv Oblast). To meet all needs in food, entertainment, sport, recreation and recuperation of the most active segments of the population (young people, representatives of sm ...
14 July 2011

Mushroom plantation of a new generation

€ 50.000.000
Mushroom plantation of a new generation with characteristics significantly higher than all the existing mushroom production companies in the world. PBP: 1,85 years IRR: 75,9% MIRR: 55,2 Mushroom plantation built and operated by the developed technology protected by patents and knowledge of the form of know-how. ...
16 May 2011

Factory for the production of paper pulp from agricultural waste

Investment required to build a plant for the production of paper pulp from agricultural waste! Presumably the project will be quite profitable due to the fact that the materials for the manufacture of paper can be obtained free of charge, complies with the price of paper will be very low. ...
12 May 2011

The creation of laboratory-pharmaceutical manufacturing complex

The creation of laboratory-pharmaceutical manufacturing complex «Inpolimed-SIC», plans organizers of the project, including the validation of equipment, facilities certified to GMP standards and the issuance of four batches of products installation should be completed within 24-26 months from the commencement of invest ...
26 April 2011

Recycling mukulatury. Equipment and factories.

Organization of serial production of equipment for paper recycling, the establishment of basic enterprises producing molded paper products, and potentially a regional network of small processing plants recycled into high-molded products based on manufactured equipment. ...
30 June 2011


€ 20.000.000
ECOFARMING project is aimed to set up the first Ukrainian modern Dairy Farm with a full closed-loop production. ...
29 December 2010

Network of express erecting buildings for salon-studios

€ 3.000.000
The area of one building is supposed to cover 200-300 м2. 1st half of the building area is under hairdressing salon, shoe and clothes repair shop and fashionable costume jewellery store. ...
10 January 2011

Car service salon and shop in Evpatoria.

€ 800.000
$1 million of US dollar investment is requiered for reconstruction of car service salon and for building of autoshop (1000 m2). ...
05 January 2011

The aqua-park project

€ 18.000.000
The aqua-park represents itself as an adventure holiday'n'amusement center. One can choose swimming in pool with strong underwater streams and "ocean waves", board diving, water coaster, hydro-massage baths, and many other entertaining things. This aqua-park is designed to meet all age group interests and to be on a le ...
05 January 2011

Auto Service Salon

€ 280.000
Auto garage: consists of 5 boxes for car washing, online car parts shop, car service, cafe. ...
05 January 2011

Beauty salons network

€ 1.800.000
Creation of a beauty salons network in which one can find a wide range of services: ...
03 January 2011

Network of tailor's workshops

€ 900.000
Network of tailor's workshops in Kiev that render services like custom tailoring of any materials and cloth repairing. ...
29 December 2010

Construction of town houses

€ 280.000
The extraordinary construction involves construction of a 5-storey 4 apartment town house cottages with private parking for two cars. ...
10 November 2010

Construction and operation of hotel and akvaparkovogo complex "Azure Harbour"

€ 120.000.000
Providing more than 1.5 million travelers in the southern resort of Odessa region from active and interesting way to spend your free time in an atmosphere of hospitality and superior comfort. ...
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