I am investing in opening StartUp in Italy - 60 000 Euro

€ 60.000
Италия, Милан
ItQui - hyper-local mobile advertising system, designed to meet the needs of enterprises in Italy in modern technologies of mobile marketing. ...
01 December 2015

Advertising Service System "SCREEN-SYSTEM".

Россия, Москва
New, technology platform, related to the dynamically developing video advertising sector, emerging only in the advertising market, a successful combination of different areas of development, such as: • One video ad network "INSCREEN"; • Development of a franchise network "SCREEN"; • advertising equi ...
18 May 2015

I am a co-investor in the business without risks, the monthly income of $ 40 000

The essence of the project: attracting visitors to online resources, with enormous savings for webmasters (owners of Internet resources). There is a free mode and two toll. Two-tier affiliate program. What makes our project attractive for owners of Internet projects. ...
01 February 2015

Looking for an investor in the 50% stake in the online advertising ROI up to 4 months.

Looking for an investor in the 50% stake in the online advertising ROI up to 4 months. Project in the field of internet advertising, now users do not need to spend huge amounts of money to promote their websites. ...
16 August 2014

Football Online: search for investors

€ 330.000
Brief Description of Project: Online Football branch IT, Internet, Media, Sports, Goods, Advertising Estimated investment, rub.: 15m. (50 million) and the payback period of the project, years: 1.5 Social efficiency (number of jobs created): 15 ...
02 July 2014

We are looking for a small investment in a project payback period to 5 months We are looking for partner couchreditelya

€ 9.000
Looking for a partner - co-founder of O perspective, highly profitable IT project abroad. To find additional investments abroad to promote and refine the new features. Project bizset.biz be in BETA version has great functionality. With this project, users are able to not only promote your business online and find busin ...
22 June 2014

Looking for an investor in high-yield project with payback to 4 months.

€ 15.000
Looking for an investor in high-yield project with payback to 4 months. ...
21 June 2014

Interactive multimedia promotional video displays in shopping centers of St. Petersburg

€ 66.592
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! At the moment we are looking for investors in existing growing project (business), because he has shown himself quite well. Yet little competition, but the interest in expanding the network of advertising designs from competitors is growing rapidly. Now we have 12 designs (but with much grea ...
09 January 2014

SaaS CRM system firmis

€ 250.000
SaaS CRM system firmis designed to create the Internet a common information space for the lessor and the companies that rent or wanting to rent a room, as well as to obtain information about the activities of member companies. ...
17 July 2012

Attracting investment in a major IT project in a market that previously did not exist in Russia

€ 36.600
город Москва
This is a serious general federal project in the IT field, which will be called to serve the interests of the parties on a completely new, never before existed in Russia a huge market. ...
20 November 2011

Media company

€ 10.000.000
Media Company of the complete production cycle. Video installation, 2D 3D graphics, design, composing, sound dubbing, WEB 2.0 programming, create site for engines, components, and so on ... ...
03 November 2011

Vsekubansky news magazine

€ 600
In the Kuban (Krasnodar Territory), there is no single publication of information about goods and services which would combine the information from all cities of the region. Because of the Kuban are very small and located close to each other, all the Kuban River is regarded as one city, the more so for the local popula ...
01 November 2011

Investments for the development of a major internet resource

€ 100.000
Investments are needed for: the development of the Internet resource http://bagb.by/ publication printed version of the objects sold http://bagb.by/2/business-journal/Общая advertising sites selling the business and the Internet resursaRazvitie internal partitions and resource portal http:/ / bagb.by Wanted from $ 100 ...
03 October 2011
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