Without a fuel engine


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Without a fuel engine

We have patented a working model of low-cost (excluding fuel) engine.

Cost of first batch kilowatt installation will be 30-40 rubles. The service life of 15-50 years. Stopping only for THAT. For power generated no need to pay. Electric power can be sent to the network of RAO UES. 1m3 of engine produces 1 kW. by e-mail. voltage, and up to 3-5 kW. on the output shaft of the motor.
This is not a perpetual motion machine. He did not make TEKu competition.

Field of application:
Stationary self-contained energy modules.
Enegroustanovki floating systems, barges, ships, f g locomotives, oil platforms, Min. Russian Defense, Min. refinery, Min Gazprom, multifamily homes, cottages, etc.

The bottom line: The engine operates at the expense of the gravitational field of the earth. I am a representative of the patent. Seychps design made with real output characteristics.

We offer cooperation in dorazrabotke and dofinansirivanii industrial design and manufacturing of engines.

E-mail: omaf81@yandex.ru

Skype: maf813

Phone: +79023645009, Volgograd.

€ 50.000



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Project type: Renewal of circulating capitallType of investment(s): Loan secured by the projectProject status: StartThe partner: Information agent Business competition: Конкурентов НетAudience: Заказчики на сумму свыше 60 млн. руб.
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23 June 2013
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28 August 2013
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