Wind turbine.


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Wind turbine.

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Wind turbine is mounted horizontally with the wind generator power plate, mounted on a pedestal in a vertical pivot shaft and having a thin-walled grounds of the current generator conical vetrozahvat in which the thin-walled cone apex outwards, on which the swirl in the form of the auger with a variable pitch along its helical line and dialed from tuning forks. Wind generator set plate current is always such that its input vetrozahvat seeks to wind up front. The flow of wind passing through the swirler, receives air strikes due to the fact that the pitch helical swirler variable and is also vibration of tuning forks, it produces heat in the air stream as a field, such as torsion, give in these circumstances, the energy of this air flow, themselves and improve their energy level is degraded by the energy of cosmic space. When you exit through vetrozahvata box located at a tangent to the circle of rotation, the heated air has more energy and this allows it to be much more efficient wind turbine to power output than other wind turbines of the same size. With heavy wind swirl can produce torque, which enables the rotation of the shaft of the generator current 2,000 or more revolutions per minute to work swirler, fuel-free engine without a power supply from the outside.

Installing a wind turbine system has pnevmoakkumulyator vetroprivod-compressor-actuator-current generator.Wind turbine, containing the elements vetrozahvata, characterized in that vetrozahvat through socket in which it is located coaxially with the cone on which the screw firmly established, composed tuning forks made in the form of pairs of plates, rotated to each other and this angle is oriented toward the wind, and these cone and funnel are rigidly connected coaxially with the casing, which evenly around the circumference of hard ustavnovleny tangensialnom direction vanes between them over the cylindrical surface of the housing has openings for the air outlet, the housing is rigidly connected to the shaft of the generator current, rigidly connected to the vertical axis and facing rotatably on a stationary platform.

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