What are these engines?


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What are these engines?

Walking past the construction site, I noticed a pile driver working for the piling, the ease with which, in a second vertical cylinder with a piston toss a hammer weighing about two tons, the weight of the two cars? There is still such an engine, which with the vertical acceleration would be able to move a weight, in the meantime, if you please.

Koper is arranged on the basis of the engine with a free stroke. Sit down at the pile of steel piston with a guide on which the slides, hammer and heavy weight which has a recess in the form of a cylinder. To set in motion a device, the crane lifts the impact of the hammer to the desired height and throws it on the piston. There is a fuel injection cylinder in the hammer and the pile driver begins to work. The great hammerhead is easy to toss a piston and cylinder. To create a pile driver crane needed to lift a hammer in one minute. I look at the table of characteristics of tractor engines:

Speed: 1500 for 1 minute Number of cylinders: 12

Bore: 150 ml / m
Umnozhayu1500 12 and get: 18 300 strokes.

Eighteen thousand strokes made tractor engine pistons to raise the hammer pile-driver, who then throws a pile driver cylinder. If we consider that these figures are attributed to the vertical movement of goods, in a horizontal position, taking into account slip at times, this figure is increasing.

Characteristics of copra. Bore: 290 Compression ratio: 15
Ram weight 1800 kg (weight of the car, for reference, 940 pounds].

Why this is not docked, a difference in the comparison?

Obviously the partial detonation of this simple mathematical reason for these inconsistencies.
And another interesting case. One day minder brought in for repair the engine, which protruded a broken connecting rod, breaking through the engine cooling jacket. ? What happened? - I asked a minder. ? Detonation? - He replied. What a great force! How to make a detonation to work - I thought.

I'm trying to convince everyone that I have proposed the construction engine can run on detonation combustion of the mixture.And further, as in copra observed exceptional consistency of combustion of the mixture and hammer movement.
In this example, markedly slow movements to the beat of the hammer with the process of combustion of the mixture and pressure. Emulating the work of copra, it is desirable to reduce the possibility of piston speed, increase its mass. Newton's law and the theory of the equivalence of the Einstein said that gravity and inertia of the same phenomenon. Using not only the pressure of the working cycle of the cylinder, but a lot of the piston.

The heavy piston, as a kind of flywheel, pressing on the neck of the crankshaft, complements the overall picture of the movement.

The meaning of the proposed design of the engine in an attempt to use the reserve power, which to us demonstrates a simple design of the mechanism of copra for the piling.
Wanting to maintain working capacity and the pile-driver move this functionality to the engine, on top of the hammer pile-driver, I mentally placed the second working cylinder / see FIG. 8 / 25-26, which in turn includes a 27-28 Pistons position located between the working cylinder placed in the middle of the third vent two sides of the cylinder 35 which moves the piston vent on both sides 34. It placed the levers of power transmission and Purge working pistons. Turns two-sided two-stroke engine. And in order to remove the load from the crankshaft journals in parallel with working pistons representing one, two brake pistons move, see FIG. 49-50 / included in the brake cylinders, 43-44 / which are screwed into the ends of the adjusting screws 45-46 / see fg. 9 / locknuts to 47-48. Workers and brake pistons rods fixedly secured 13-14-15-16-17-18, which slide into the holes and through 19-20-21-22-23-24 beam 11 connecting rod 10 drive the crankshaft 8 and PTO 7.

About the engine

As you know the air-gasoline mixture has two combustion rate eto20-30m/sek, referred to as normal, and the explosive combustion of 2000m/sek., Or detonation. Detonation combustion in modern engines does not apply in mind the imperfections of their design. In the proposed design of the engine, which is built into the braking system,

provides explosive burning of the mixture.In Charpy supposed explosive burning of the mixture, where the rapid combustion of a mixture of dramatic encounters with the mass of the hammer pile-driver, his weight, which smooths out rapid pulse combustion and pressure, converting the movement of the hammer in a smooth motion. It pronounced the theory of equivalence of gravity and inertia.
The equivalence principle, nothing more than a statement that gravity and inertia - the same thing. This is not just a similar phenomenon. Gravity and inertia - two different words for one and the same phenomenon. Simply put, a car laden with difficult to disperse, but it is harder and stop. And? That's harder to stop? I try to use the proposed design of the engine, at the time of the working stroke, when he presses his weight on the neck of the crankshaft. And at the right time the brake piston, which cuts off the end of the stroke and inhibits weight piston sets to zero, preventing overload the neck of the crankshaft. The next moment, pushing, using air pressure from the previous deceleration time (the principle of the flywheel).

Along with working pistons move as one brake pistons, alternately included in the brake, located in opposition, control cylinders.
The special design of the brake cylinders, which are located at the ends of the adjusting screws, automatically moves the brake air cushion, depending on the number of revolutions of the crankshaft and a set of pistons and not giving opportunities at the right time at the reciprocating motion of the neck set to overload the crankshaft.

All construction requires exceptional consistency, accuracy and consistency of all processes of the engine.

In the textbooks on the theory of engine states that detonation combustion is not acceptable: a sharp explosive burning of fuel is bad for the engine components - metal could be heard knocking and mechanism nodes fail. The modern engine is not suited for the detonation combustion of fuel. According to this, that would not happen, I propose a different technique.

Pay attention to the rate of combustion - is 20-30 m / sec.- The normal and 2,000 m / sec. -Detonation. It would be like to ride a bike at 200 kilometers per hour, and wonder why it collapsed. Just a bike suited to a speed of 30 miles per hour.
In order to be explosive combustion of the mixture to be managed to increase the weight of the piston, which is your weight will repay the momentum that occurred during explosive nature of the combustion mixture. Metal knocking in the gap axis connecting rod and bearing away, the piston will take them to a relatively smooth start its motion. Remember how in the circus on the stomach assistant put a concrete slab, and a magician with a sledgehammer beats on this plate, and then hit the assistant stands unharmed. Strike puts out a sledgehammer, the mass of the slab. The same thing happens with detonation combustion mixtures. Massive piston quench one shock pulse detonation combustion of the mixture, and the airbag at the right time at the point of return of the piston cut off the excess weight of the piston, the crankshaft having protected against overload. The pressure has arisen as a result of the explosion of gasoline air mixture does not disappear, it moves the state into a state of inertia gravity. / Two different words for one and the same thing /.

By increasing the weight of the piston, losing in speed, winning in weight. Along the way, we get the best opportunities for gas exchange, and extinguish the mass of the piston momentum explosive burning, stretching it in time. Using the pressure resulting from its combustion in the correct proportions over time. Mass of the piston, pressing on the neck of the crankshaft, the overall effort to combine the result of pressure arising in the combustion chamber from the explosion of the fuel.
Further, if it comes to explosive burning the word "octane" will lose its value and care about what fork you use the fuel in the proposed engine - it will depend on the weight of the piston and clear of the engine management computer program lyaemogo responsible for all the parameters of engine. And the weight of the piston will ultimately determine the balancing bridge 68, which marked the weight can be easily replaced according to the table and the program depending on the type and quality of the fuel injectors.Without a computer program, without careful monitoring of all systems, engine performance is unthinkable.

A set of proposed universal 8th pistons, assembled in the engine of the proposed design, it works - it is 16 working strokes per revolution of the crankshaft, so the productivity of labor per unit of time. Figure 8 in the selection of the pistons was not chosen by chance. Over 360 degrees of crankshaft rotation provides balanced work on the pistons of a pair of work set. And a better balance in the moment when a pair of pistons is in the TDC, the other pair in the middle of the operating cycle.

The technology of manufacturing the engine running and his work.

In the manufacture of the engine increases the thickness of the cylinder. Production of the piston is completed with a minimum weight of a stabilizing balancing bridge 68, which determines the final weight of the piston, which depends on its velocity in upward and toward a slowdown. A stabilizing bridge 68 is marked by weight and easy to be chosen depending on the composition of the fuel injectors and the ability of the program dictates obshey weight of the piston.

Next comes the running engine without crankshaft through a synchronization mechanism for determining the operation of brake cylinders and the piston return points. After this is inserted into the crankshaft. When you start the engine, the engine accelerates to puskach operating speeds, and only then, injected fuel. The engine works on the push pull version: two-sided piston mounted in a vent in the middle of the cylinder for movement in one side of the cylinder blows in the opposite direction and vice versa, and the brake cylinders with through-slots are connected to a brake cylinder and the atmosphere, with every beat

filled the air due to atmospheric pressure. Brake pad moves automatically, protecting the crankshaft of an overload, a computer program embedded in the engine.

A few words about the monolithic two-way piston / see FIG. 17 /.

Working pistons moving together and in parallel take off the brake pistons is one, one piece configuration which connected the rods / solid fig.17/eto see a lot of functional two-way piston carries a supply of air-gasoline mixture filling its cylinder and purge them from the products of combustion, the compression of air-gasoline mixture, and the transfer of the labor movement of the working group on the piston shaft power as braking the brake cylinder piston in regulating and release the neck of the crankshaft of the mass of a moving double-cast piston. As the ability to work on the engine explosion / detonation / nature of the engine by taking on the expense of its mass momentum of the combustion mixture of hard to fend nodes and Rod bearings on the destruction and the subsequent time, the braking system, neutralizing the piston mass will protect the neck of the crankshaft overload . This piston is moving, as a strictly obeys the second law of Newton, and Einstein's theory of equivalence, which conclusively states that gravity and inertia - the same thing. This is not just a similar phenomenon, gravity and inertia - two different words for one and the same phenomenon. In conclusion we can say about this detail in FIG. 17 that having brake system, it can not limit ourselves as to the stroke length and speed and weight and thus, the length of the crank arm

shaft, with the attendant consequences of these considerations, the strict law of Archimedes. In listing the advantages of the proposed engine, I ask, a question? And how can boast a modern engine? Oh, and how much that burns a mixture of at 20-30m/sk. Although the students know that the rate of combustion depends on engine power. Or the fact that combustion starts at 30 * before the arrival of the piston in TDC And this is a necessary measure due to the slow process of combustion. But with the explosive combustion of the mixture,

where the process occurs hundreds of times faster, ignition advance, minimum.I suppose that even possible to send a pulse of the explosion should remove the piston where the piston mass and the explosion of the mixture is directed at the time of the last piston TDC soften the hard pulse of explosive combustion. The whole mass of the piston, at the time of ignition gives us ample opportunity to experiment with brake piston of the proposed engine. And that description, and an attempt to use an explosive combustion in modern engines should not be taken seriously, since imperfect design. Clearly, the passage of the piston TDC did not coincide with the explosive combustion, detonation ahead of the piston in the process of passing. t and the associated negative effects, and much more. And further: modern engine capricious quality of gasoline as it heats up the samovar. And that's what they write books. (Thus, the rapid combustion of the fuel increases engine power and
increases its efficiency by reducing heat loss from the exhaust gases and the cooling liquid or air] end of quote.

The purpose of the present invention

Running the engine is supposed to the explosive detonation combustion of the mixture. For this purpose, provided a relatively heavy piston brake system. This is necessary to neutralize the explosion of the mixture and its devastating effect on the sleeve and the crank axle motor. We increase the weight of the piston bridge 68 to a knock at the point of extinction axes of the engine and a relatively smooth stroke. Poskachem dispersed to the speed of the engine inject fuel from the high compression, it self-ignites and detonates. From the fast flowing reaction and detonation of 2000 ms, which runs 100 times faster than conventional engines: ignition timing called into question. And so, in a comparative analysis, where over 30 degrees before the piston at TDC in modern engines is the beginning of the combustion mixture in the form of slow combustion and already ends at 15 degrees passing the TDC virtually all flies in the tube.

There is no real pressure from the combustion of the mixture. In the proposed engine, everything is different.The rapid flow of the combustion process benefit the characteristic time of combustion and its impact on the efficiency of this process. Read more - this is obviously going wrong. There was a short pulse combustion piston mass assumed that momentum, and as the piston, having a lot of holding back and smooth out the pressure wave from its own motion, acquires a large mass. This transition is observed from the moment of inertia to gravity. And since this is / according to the theory of equivalence / are two different words for one and the same phenomenon, then we lose nothing: we are winning over time, making the process of combustion of the mixture appropriate for the proposed use of his engine. Use all the power and pressure pulse combustion, where neither the only pressure in the cylinder and piston mass unite the overall picture of pressure on the neck of the crankshaft.

The rapid combustion of the dare and the presence of the braking system radically transforms the characteristics of the engine, combining the time-pressure in the cylinder of the combustion mixture and the mass of the piston, the possibility of increasing the length of the stroke, and with him. and the long arm of the crankshaft, and the room for maneuver for the experimental samples in order to find optimal solutions in the construction of the engine. Due to the brake system of the proposed motor can be any four-gas exchange valve system of FIG. 10.C Sincerely Victor. The site is available for adresuhttp :/ / www.izobretatel-kazakov.ru.

The purpose of the present invention - substantially increase the Efficiency engine.

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