We are looking for partners and investors in the business sapropel


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We are looking for partners and investors in the business sapropel

Center for SAPROPELS the capacity of opening new businesses in mining and processing of sapropel in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. To open the effective productions of:

- Sapropel fertilizer in a free-flowing, granular, paste, liquid,

- Rekultivantov,

- Sorbents

- Cosmetic and medicinal mud,

- Feed additives we explored and estimated reserves of sapropel on the lake and marsh deposits Lviv and Volyn region in Ukraine, Moscow, Pskov, Leningrad, Tyumen, Tambov, Voronezh region in Russia, at Astana in Kazakhstan.

The total reserves of raw materials on the sapropelic explored deposits exceed more than 45 million tons, with which you can produce from 23 to 37 million tons of finished products.

Deposit, at present, are capitalized or capitalization.

Sapropel explored deposits suitable as a raw material for the opening businesses. On it performed laboratory tests and concluded about the suitability according to the Russian GOST R 54000-2010. As part of these projects prepared sapropel fertilizer production in liquid, paste, loose, granular and pelletized form with packing in plastic bags, sacks or big bags. PVC buckets, micro-container.

We are looking for local and foreign partners for the organization of the data fields in the joint ventures and opening businesses producing various products of sapropel involving capital for:

- Further exploration of promising fields in Russia and Ukraine,

- The design of plants for the production of highly efficient, environmentally friendly natural organic and mineral fertilizers, rekultivantov, soil formers, sorbent sapropel, medical, cosmetic mud and medical applications, etc.

- Construction of plants to produce above-mentioned products capacity 65-330 tons of finished products per year,

- Sales and marketing of products in the CIS countries and abroad, in particular in the countries of East and Africa.

Terms of preparing businesses: up to 6 months.Capital expenditures: 580000 - 2750000 EUR depending on the field of raw materials, stockpiles, the range of products and productivity of enterprises. Terms of plant start-up: 0.5 years Yield Business: 55-120% Return on capital investments: 3-4.5 years




Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Financial partnerProject status: The business plan, the feasibility reportThe partner: Joint venturePayback: 3 year

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