We are looking for investments in the operating business


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We are looking for investments in the operating business

We are looking for investment for business development.
The purpose of investment - working capital financing
The amount of investment - 300 000 rubles.
-By Written request, the investor, can pick up all the amount of investment within 2 months (the withdrawal of money from circulation)
-Dohodnost Counts as 30% of the gross profit margin of the company with investor funds, but can not be less than 30% per annum from the investment amount.
-Investment Income is paid from the date of investment until the end of the year of the investment, according to the investor

Company activity - conducting sociological and marketing researches (biznespraym.rf)
Region - Penza / Penza region, the activities on the whole territory of the Russian Federation

We can consider the proposals to invest large individual orders and tenders.

The agreement to invest in business development + guarantee agreement

€ 10.000



Project specialization


Project type: Renewal of circulating capitallType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: ExpansionPayback: 1 yearAudience: b2g, b2b
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