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Watering plants

Outlined PROFIT FROM SAVING WATER AND OTHER RESOURCES FROM THE USE OF IRRIGATION = $ 500,000 / 1 ha, what more from the original budgeted cost PROETA.

TECHNIC CO - economic calculations watering plants per 1 hectare (area 100 x 100 m) Introduction and rationale set forth in the publication: http://www.researchclub.com.ua/journal/208 Calculations: 1. Topographical plan of land http://geodeziya.kiev.ua/ru/menu2/uslugi/ It is necessary to decide on the circuit connection pipe fittings and sprinkler system. On the one receiving the neck for pouring water should occur it guaranteed delivery to all elements of irrigation systems. Watering elements can be connected in series, parallel or a combination. Cost of work and terms of their performance - 2 treaty. Installation of irrigation systems http://www.zhitov.ru/uk/trench/ length trench trench 9800 m Area: 5880 m2 Volume 4900 m3 trench Useful volume 3920 m3 slope length: 980 m3 costs Trenching: 2450000 UAH. 10 UAH = 1 Euro 3. Accessories irrigation system is made ​​in a brick factory. Cost of production close to the cost of high quality bricks. http://www.maximums.com.ua/kirpich-oblicovochnyj-kirpich-phagot/c-40_51.html material technology and product quality brick production will allow to make all hardware components watering system. Hardware will first be hygroscopic to 7%, so anything would be appropriate to cover glazuryu.Eta operation to a certain extent would increase the cost of production as a whole, but will give 100% retention of moisture in the inner volume irrigation system and its service life is guaranteed to be 100 years old. One cubic meter of brick accessories on average 512 bricks. Then 512 bricks at an average cost of 5.00 hryvnia stand: 512 x 5 = 2560 UAH. 1 cubic meter accessories worth about Rs 2560. 4. Calculating the cost of manufacturing watering system ttp :/ / ua.onlinemschool.com/math/assistance/figures_volume/parallelepiped1 / Dimensions containers storing water in their linear length can be from 100 - 200 cm length with the process, which allows us to produce equipment brickworks.Container volume (Vc), if we take these linear dimensions: Vc = a • b • h = 160000 cm3 where Vc - volume of a cuboid a - length - 100 cm b - width - 40 cm h - height. - 40 cm ttp :/ / ua.onlinemschool.com / math / assistance / figures_volume / cylinder / tube connecting the containers length 100 cm, diameter - 10 cm According to its volume is 7854 cm3 For 9800 m laying irrigation systems, we need 4900 u containers and 4,900 units. connection tubes. The total volume of products will be: Containers - 160000 x 4900 = 784 000 000 = 784 cm3 m3 Tubes - 7854 x 4900 = 38484600 cm3 = 38.5 m3 Total - 784 + 38.5 = 822.5 m3 wall thickness of 3 cm all products to ensure their mechanical strength can calculate their inner (useful) volume - something that will be filled with water for direct irrigation: Container - 108664 cm3 x 4900 = 532.5 m3 Handset - 1256 x 4900 cm3 = 6.2 m3 Total: - 538 7 m3 volume irrigation system hardware products that will be produced in a brick factory and their approximate cost: 822.5 - 538.7 = 283.8 m3 According to the calculation, paragraph 3 (the estimated cost of 1 m3 brick plant products), the cost of irrigation fittings the system will be: 283.8 x 2560 = 726528.00 UAH. Thus approximate estimates of irrigation system on a plot of 1 ha: Earthworks - 2450000 UAH. System cost - 726 528 UAH. Installation costs - 726 528 UAH. Operating Cost - 0 UAH. Cost of service - Rs 0. Total cost - Rs 3903056. During the operation - 100 years. The average cost per year = Rs 39030. Note A. Baselines on digging trenches deliberately taken by the maximum possible use of cost-plus variantu.Pri watering system for the cultivation of vegetable crops such as cabbage is no need to dig deeper fittings, of the need for deep plowing plot. A maximum depth of plowing is 0.4 metra.Vo berry bush culture and deepening fittings appropriate to a depth of 0.2 meters from the surface. That significantly reduce the cost of operations. ECONOMIC INDICATORS AND operational irrigation system. Of wage: http://treeland.com.ua/servis/obsluzhivanie-polivochnykh-sistem.html These expenses you need to multiply by 100.The resulting value is a savings fund, because the proposed system does not require maintenance - repair costs for 100 years. Protection Force. Due to the fact that broken pottery is not accepted as recyclables, then protect one hectare of land equipped with irrigation system - there is no need. ? Http://www.elite-s.kiev.ua/usl_ohr.html on the absence of the need to protect you save: 10 $ / hour = 240 USD / day = 7200 UAH / month = 86,400 USD / year = 8640000 UAH / per Total operating. WATER FOR IRRIGATION http://fermerplus.com/main/olericulture/2042-rozrahunok-polivnoyi-vodi.html loss of water for irrigation in the field of - 50%. Proposed system for 100 years will not lose moisture - almost ALL. Standards Use moisture for growing different crops. http://www.cawater-info.net/bk/water_land_resources_use/russian_ver/wb/09.pdf For stable wheat need to use 600-700 m3 of water. proposed system will deliver to the root system of the plant is a lossless this certain amount of moisture . If any other watering systems must use more water to ensure the plant stated amount of moisture. Thus wheat will save 350 m3 per season .350 x 100 = 35,000 m3 for the entire period of operation. By 2009 prices the cost of 1 m3 was 0, 95 UAH. What saves water: 0.95 x 35,000 = 33,250 USD. Note B. To the south of Ukraine (Decree NKGRSKU from 10.02.2012 № 101 from 1 March 2012 are set tariffs for the population for services on centralized water supply - 2,988 UAH. During cu. M (with VAT), 2,988 x 35000 = 104508 UAH T arithmetic on fresh water increases (over 5 years is 3.1 times!) And there are no preconditions for the elimination of such trends. Thus cost irrigation system constructed in 2014 after 10 years can be completely offset by the profits from the value stored on the process of water loss. http:/ / water-salt.narod.ru/eko_prob_z_z_uz.htm http://www.tehbez.ru/Docum/DocumShow_DocumID_519.html Any salt marshes irrigation system is able to turn in the food base for livestock. http://www.bibliofond.ru/view . aspx? id = 433598 watering system allows you to create conditions for growing hay, which has the properties of the water meadows. Moreover, 1 hectare salt marshes used only by 75% for growing hay.The remaining area (25%) will be used as a road for heavy agricultural tehniki.Tehnologicheski possible to create the perimeter of the "artificial marsh" (the concept of "Ekoplato") and outlet manifold to get water for irrigation, which meets all the requirements of sanitary - hygienic standards. http://indecbuild.com.ua/index.php/produktsia/8-productsia/17-brus still get water suitable for irrigation, building materials can be implemented. Bulrush has a powerful ability to clean running water which grows Fertilizers and other chemicals fertilizers http://www.agromage.com/stat_id.php?id=16 losses when making up to 10% When making fertilizer in the corn should be made: Nitrogen - 60 kg, -60 kg phosphorus, potassium -90 kg. Scheduled loss - 10%, respectively, 6 +9 +6 kg. Using the proposed irrigation system for fertilizer application can achieve savings -600 kg of nitrogen, phosphorus - 600 kg, potassium - 900 kg preserving these resources from the planned losses. Nitrogen 2700 x 0.6 = 1620 UAH Phosphorus 3200 x 0.6 = 1920 UAH Potassium 12800 x 0.9 = 11520 UAH savings of Rs 15060 = Using agricultural machinery Budget range from 14 to 35 UAH / ha. Save 1400 - 3500 UAH / ha When the technique is used several times during the growing season, except that cash costs multiplied by the number of treatments of crops should be considered direct damages for loss of those plants falling under the wheels of vehicles, suffered mechanical injury and are no longer able to harvest Watering System .. http://td-agrohim.com.ua/article/30.html?task=view amend the amount (decrease) made fertilizers and herbicides at times and at the same positive effect on plants will not be lost. Gross harvest is reduced, and its environmental standards are the highest in the world. Use of irrigation system in the conditions of the slopes. Due to the fact that the system is not able to initiate pereuvlazhnyat soil and landslides on steep slopes, it is advisable to use such land for economic activities. http://www.alterenergy.info/interesting-facts/113-the-biofuel-technology/781-salix-viminalis Steep slopes, never used can yield 12 tons of dry mass per year, or 1,200 tons during the operation of irrigation systems to create conditions for growing hay, which has the properties of water - meadows. So, one hectare of saline vykorystovuvayetsya only 75% for growing hay. The remaining area (25%) will be used as a road for heavy farm equipment. . When recommending replacement energy willow to other species after 8 years of operation, the site can be on steep slopes to practice landing seedlings of valuable species - oak, hornbeam, beech, etc. . Willow in the early years will give shade seedlings. So you can have 100 - year-old forest of mature timber of precious species http://buklib.net/books/24108/ and get it today unsuitable for farming area. The same applies to medicines and commercially valuable herbs, bushes. Recovery humus http://gold-island.pro/vosstanovlenie-gumusnogo-sloya/ Irrigation system allows you to enter the soil water tincture diluted fermented organic matter and thereby stimulate a rapid increase in the soil microflora. Through the irrigation system can be administered throughout the area of ​​the plot beforehand withdrawn stamps beneficial bacteria and thus build the stage for the restoration of microflora and microfauna soil earthworm populations. Use of land in the desert. Http://www.zhitov.ru/uk/trench/ Having the ability to influence the soil moisture of any site with the individual structure of the soil, it is advisable to use a powerful solar lighting plot and create conditions for the root system of a number of industrial crops. Sugar cane - it is this technical culture in conjunction with the proposed irrigation system is capable of positively and resolve the technical development at the expense of desert development on all five continents. Viticulture. Unique varieties of vines and their products - natural wines due to the presence of factors collected in a particular region. Key of them - climate and pochvu.Imeya acceptable climate in the south of Ukraine irrigation system allows our soils to grow with berry flavor characteristics stated in advance.To do this in an industrial environment for irrigation water to pass through a tower filled with respective layers of minerals, sorbents, filters. When growing forest irrigation system can create a unique texture of the wood, if to the water each time to add silver or gold ions, special kraski.Mebel from such wood will have exclusive artistic value. Use of irrigation systems in an unexpected form. Exclusive specifications watering system http://sortov.net/vinogradarstvo/uhod-za-plodonosyaschim-vinogradnikom.html In the absence of snow cover and soil freezing with a strong root system may die vines and plant will be lost. Technologically possible to use the internal volume of irrigation systems in which there is no water supply heated air. Thus the soil in the area of ​​the root system of vines will be a little warm up and thus be saved all the plants on this site. http://kartoha.com.ua/112/ In areas where potatoes are grown is advisable to use a watering system for the very early soil warming due to solar power plants. warm affect the central nervous system of the pest and introducing them to err, you can provoke it out of the state of suspended animation and a mass exit to the surface, where at that time it will be completely absent food supply. Thus it is possible to make the population of Colorado potato beetle significant losses. Watering in a prolonged space mission in p.Mars. In space, the concept of "winter" - is absent. The soil in the container after the vegetation cycle of plants should be replaced with the new in the shortest sroki.Predlozhenie that worked out in the framework of cooperation with Chris Lewicki, Chief Asteroid Miner Planetary Resources USA. Allows for 6-12 hours to spend recovery pochvy.Klyuchevym element of this technology will be announced watering system. Space technology in conditions of Ukraine. Possible to grow rice intensive technology, 100% regular updating of land for planting rice and creating conditions for several harvests per season. http://himprom.ua/v-shvecii-stroyat-teplicu-neboskreb-new1129 Can design and build Ukrainian plantalgon which will cost its Swedish counterpart exactly twice. Klimatron develop a new class. Classic hothouse advisable to translate this technology and projected economic indicators of economic activity have improved from the synergies. conclusion: The financial component of the project costs, irrigation system - 3903056 hryvnia Marketable products - not quantifiable savings for schetsohraneniya (savings) planned losses - 8640000 hryvnia hryvnia 104508 15060 3500 hryvnia hryvnia Total: 8,763,068 hryvnia Yield project only by savings on a plot of 100 x 100 meters will be: 8,763,068 - 3,903,056 = 4,860,012 hryvnia in October 2013. Alexander T. Tovmach.

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