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Krasnodar Krai (population 5 million) is a network of small (30-400 thousand) towns and villages with a million in the center of Krasnodar. Most cities are located in the 20-60 minute drive from each other, and to Krasnodar from almost any city in the land can be reached by car for 2-4 hours. And in each city region has a specific (health resort, fishing, agriculture, etc.), so the range of products and distribution of commercial networks and services is very heterogeneous, all you have to the average citizen of the developed cities in Russia, to find in this city is impossible. In this regard, the Kuban buy any goods made in the neighboring towns, or go after them in Krasnodar, or order from Krasnodar and Moscow (by mail, through friends, through transport companies, etc.). At the same time to find the right product is very difficult, so to. Internet in the region is not very developed (only a small proportion of the population has access to the Internet, many companies have web sites), and reference books available on goods and services often include only 1-2 nearby cities, and even then not completely, because only compiled on the basis of companies advertisers wishing to voluntarily enter the directory.

Because of the lack of a unified information system of goods and services of many business areas in the Kuban region, especially trade, and do not evolve quickly shut down due to lack of communication with consumers from other cities (case study: in a city store opened edge outboard and in this city the demand for engines is the same as the average at the edge of engine -1 -2 per month there, focusing on clients only in this city - for that is unprofitable stores and advertise in information publications of other cities is very expensive edge inconvenient and inefficient, because each city has many competing publications, and the population of these cities, not having a permanent single accurate information source and how fast delivery on the edge, got used to order all of Moscow because in Moscow there is a convenient information system of goods in Moscow and established relations with transportation companies that deliver goods from Moscow, faster, safer and cheaper than from Krasnodar) ..

That is the single largest transportonoy company that would allow quick, easy and inexpensive to transport goods on the edge - the Kuban not exist, as well as sources of information on passing transport - on the grounds that the demand for transport is lower than might be because of that lack of information about products that can be purchased and delivered over the edge.

Thus, the internal regional retail trade in the region is almost completely paralyzed.

The business idea is to create a common information directory of goods and services on the west of the Kuban and the travel agency.

The proposed handbook with a competent and powerful advertising campaign should be extended for a symbolic price for all homes and businesses of Kuban (similar to "Yellow Pages "). Content of the handbook must be written by an active search and analysis of market goods and services with free accommodation in place. Advertising (separately) in the first stage should be provided at a symbolic price.

On the cover of the directory on a regular basis should advertise travel agency.

Long-term project, focused on the global spread of the product so that the time for everyone in the edge itself razumeschimsya had to have at home this book and use it - then all edges are companies interested in placing their ads in this handbook. The transport network in the initial stages will be based on mediation and the centralization of data on the basis of all transport services to the region. In the future means creating your own fleet.

The amount of start-up from 25 million. rub.

The indicative yield to self-sufficiency - 6 months.

Author of the idea - Anatoly Aliyev, the current business consultant, entrepreneur, imeschy extensive experience conducting market research in the Omsk region, Krasnodar, Moscow.

€ 600




Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: Business ideaThe partner: The business adviserPayback: 3 yearBusiness competition: полное отсутствиеAudience: все
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