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Vortex heat


General information

Name of Project or Innovation Company

"Vortex heat"

The legal form of the Project

Setting up an enterprise to produce products of the invention "Vortex heat", the application number 200913094 in Ukrpatent with priority date 16.12.2009g., Has a positive solution for a formal examination.


Ukraine, Zaporozhye, there is an agreement of intent for the purchase of several plant areas and territories.

The actual location

Ukraine, 69 037, was Kiev, str. 40 years of Soviet Ukraine, Building 40, Apt. 21

General manager

Izmalkov Herman I.


Phone: 80504516461, 38 (061) 224-13-89, geizmalkov@yandex.ru, izmabc123@meta.ua, Skype: magtelom.

Date of establishment (planned date)

Since the signing of an agreement with the investor.

Brief description of business

Vortex heat will be produced several models for different customers.

History of previous funding

Funding was not.

The main items of the financial statements of the company (before the project), and commentaries

Funding was not, so there was no company.

Valuation of companies

$ 30,100,000

Project Description

Will be made a prototype of the positive test results which will be executed designs of vortex heat generators, which will produce products in which the consumer is very interested, but that with high consumer properties in real time is not on the world market

Project category - business scope

Establishing the mass production of engineering products.

Description of business idea, project, product, service, innovation are

Establishing the mass production of vortex heat several models for different customers, which are in the form of swirlers screw with variable step length of its helix, and a powerful pump on the application 200913093 to Ukrpatent and these are in these swirlers cavitation of water hammer in the ground screw with a short pitch to the helical line.

The purpose of business or project

Enter the world market with very competitive products.

A brief description of the market and opportunities

Current production takes the market for many of its competitors and will allow the consumer to have a device with a high consumer properties, which allow the consumer to get more heat with less power and have no noise through sound absorption and flow do not have a large cavitation damage, since there are no hydroblows on a solid surface braking devices, and in the stream.

Problem Description

Need to perform prototype and to produce, to create a good management team and hire a factory personnel. The Internet is a summary of many prospective bidders fairly and selection on a competitive basis is real and has already made preliminary agreement to take up posts in the manual.

Solution Brief

On the venture capital of $ 100,000. will be made a prototype and researched the market made all the findings of the needs of the market by the number of output models for different buyers from the market, will be made and other preparatory activities, after the receipt of $ 30,000,000 of investment money will be purchased by departments and territories, purchased equipment, hired staff , issued under the model will be executed designs, and then launched production and marketing.

Benefits of the project and market opportunities

Due to high consumer properties of products, products will have great success in the global market

Technology Brief

All items will be carried out technological production line casting gazofitsirovannym motels with "LGM-groups» http://www.lgm.com.ua. This line is very recent recognition of its high efficiency for the production of parts. Details obtained by this technique does not require further machining

Possible analogs, competitors - competitive technologies or existing solutions to the same problem

These technologies are already casting the most efficient producers, but by high consumer properties, arising from the construction, in the future of this product to competitors is not possible to have success.

Business Model

Typology, "Archetypes of the business models of MIT»

A preliminary forecast of sales - briefly

The proposed eddy tpeplogeneratory on its high consumer properties to displace most of these products on the market, so the horizons of development of the market is very large.

Development Strategy

Creating a prototype and the results of its testing and market research will be undertaken the development of industrial designs, which will be mass production and sale of products will continue to improve production and product sales.

Project risks

The human factor plays a big role, you must create a friendly team, without any risk to the project progressed. On the Internet by country summary of the project a lot of very prospective employees who are ready to move to a more promising place to work.

Description of the risks, SWOT - analysis

Strength of the project - is that the basis for the project is taken very promising invention. The weakness of the project - is that everything must start from scratch, the possibility of great success. Threat may be a natural disaster or an unlikely coincidence.

Financial Indicators

Index 1 year Year 2 3 year
Earnings -0 25000000 100000000
General running costs -22000000 -2000000 -8000000
Obsch.proizvodstv. costs 0 -4000000 -16000000
Production expenses 0 -4000000 -16000000
Staff Costs -2000000 -1500000 -2000000
Settlements of budgetary payments -370 000 -3550000 -12674000
Depreciation deductions -300 000 -150 000 -200 000
Balance sheet profit -0 15000000 60000000
Income tax (20%) -0 -3000000 -12000000
Net profit -24470000 11450000 47326000
Profitability 0 114% 118.3%

Project IRR (internal rate of return),%

From the second year of passage of the draft

IRR is within 100%

NPV (net present value), mln. for _ years


where I0 - Initial investment in the project (money flow)

PV - present value of future cash flows of the project. for the first 3 years of passage of the project.

NPV = $ 30.100.000 + $ 10750000 + $ 44200000 = $ 84270000

DR (discount rate NPV) and a brief rationale

DR of profit in 5 years from the start of production is 50%

Other Financial Indicators

Profitability in the second and third year respectively, 107.5% and 110.5%.

The volume and structure of investment required

Total investment of $ 30,100,000, of which $ 100,000 are venture investments.

The financial plan for the project - Profit and Loss Account

During the first year of passage of the project is only contributions from the investment amount, $ 23,800,000, in the beginning of the second year is spent the remainder of the investment amount, $ 6,300,000, then all costs shall be covered by revenues from gross receipts, all payments in the third year of the project shall pass through income of gross receipts.

Schedule of Investments - Statement of Cash Flows

Implementation of the project will begin with the fact that venture capital money will be paid $ 100,000, which during the month will be made and tested a prototype and the positive results of tests of the prototype will be paid the principal amount of $ 30,000,000 of investments, which will be continuation of the project.

Offer for investor

Writing an investment of $ 30,100,000 of which $ 100,000 Venture amount and then receive a return on investment of 50% of the profits in 5 years since the start of production.

Investment Objectives

Establish the business of producing effective on the world market of industrial products, in particular vortex heat.

Ownership structure of investment to


Ownership structure after the investment


The composition of investors, share and form of participation in the Project

One major investor

The main terms of the Transaction (stocks / shares / debt)

Return them to the investor invested amount on favorable terms for him.

Investment tranches

The amount of the trenches should be able to make current payments in full.

Conditions for execution of tranches

Delays in the trenches would entail a delay in passage of the project.

Exit Project


Investor exit strategy

An investor should receive posited him the full amount.

Planned Release

After 5 years since the start of mass production

The estimated price of output

$ 105,250,000

Multiplier at the output (x)

For every dollar spent we get about $ 1 of net income.

Description of the project team

- Project Manager - Izmalkov German Ivanovich, 1942 DOB Incomplete higher education (Zaporozhye National Technical University). He received 74 patents, 11 of positive solutions VNIIGPE for patents, filed 200 patent applications. He worked in various enterprises in technical and managerial positions.

- Yuri Izmalkov Germanovich, born 1984 Higher education (Zaporozhye National Technical University). Works foreman builders

Summary of experience and expertise of key project participants

Administrative and production staff.

Project manager and future owner of the company and the founder of the company - Izmalkov German Ivanovich, 1942 DOB Incomplete higher education (Zaporozhye National Technical University). He received 74 patents, 11 of positive solutions VNIIGPE for patents, filed 200 patent applications. He worked in various enterprises in technical and managerial positions.

Co-founder of the company - Izmalkov Germanovich Yuri, born 1984 Higher education (Zaporozhye National Technical University). Works foreman builders.

Fat Pavel Ivanovich, 1967g.r.Obrazovanie higher (Zaporozhye National Technical University). Specialty: Engineer - Technologist - Designer. Marital status: Married, daughter of 28 years. Experience: • 2005-present - OOO PP "Electrum" - the chief engineer.

1999 - 2005 G. - ODL "Slavuta - Service" - Deputy Director for the production of
• 1998 - 1999 - JSC "Brickyard" - Head of DITC
• 1992 - 1997. - PCU "Standard Inter Service" - Vice. Director of Production
• 1988 - 1992 - till "Iskra" - Vice. Chief mehanoshtampovochno-assembly plant in teh.chasti
• 1983 - 1987 - till "Iskra" - an engineer - technologist
Agree to work the general manager of production.

. Eyebrows Andrey, 1978 p. .. Education (higher) :1996-2001. Zaporozhye State University Faculty: Management. Profession: Economist - manager. Marital status: Single. Work experience: 15.01.2010 - present company "Astra D. Since 2001. On 15.01.2010 has worked in various companies in the specialty.

Agree to work as an economist-manager.

The rest of the staff will be recruited on a competitive basis to resume on the Internet and the personal interview.

Incentive programs of key participants and project staff

Administration, engineering staff and workers of the main motivations of the enterprise and participation in the project must be in good earnings and good morale at the company.

For more information

Izmalkov GI made 302 inventions, and Yu.G. Izmalkov - 200 inventions, see their website http://www.apxu.ru/article/izmalkov/german. Htm

List of Appendices

The planned schedule of the project

Months 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Preparation of initial data                        
Project work                        
Production and supply                        
Installation of equipment                        
Staff Training                        
€ 20.700.000




Files project


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