VIP - Glass Tower - Varna, Bulgaria is looking for investors


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VIP - Glass Tower - Varna, Bulgaria is looking for investors

Glass tower - Varna or the investor looking for a partner to complete the project.

Need Investment: 8890000 EUR
The market value of the project, the land and buildings in the real estate construction: 13.000.000 EUR

Implementation: 1-2 years

150% garantsiya providing investment the investor in the ownership or mortgage of the whole complex.


The project of construction of an administrative building in the property zoned II, according to the map

5th district in the city of Varna The tallest building in Varna with a building permit

Cost of the project: Please proidite authorization to view price Euro

Underway: bought land, an approved project, building permit in 2008

Investments made: 912,000 Euro

Construction time - 2 years

Location: Office building is located in the center of the city, in the north-eastern part of the city, adjacent to the future continuation of the Vasil Levski Blvd. to Vladislav Varnechnika Blvd. It is located directly in the flow of tourists to the Hemus highway, West Industrial Area, Varna Lake with the future traffic circle - the second bridge over the lake, and it is connected directly to the Hemus and the Black Sea road, port of Varna - West Devnia industrial area, Varna airport, and in one direction and in the resort areas of Golden Sands, St. St. Constantine and Helena resort Chaika and in the opposite direction. Distance to the sea park of 1300 m and the beach 1500 m, respectively, directly in the city center is the same distance.

Within a radius of 1,500 m are located Grand Mall Varna, Pfohe Mall, GALERIA Varna Mall, Mall Varna Towers.

The glass facade of the building provides natural light of the sun for offices falling from all four directions and a gorgeous view. The latter gives you the impression that the building is not only an administrative center but also in the geographic center of the city.

The parameters of the building: The building has been designed in accordance with the legal requirements for Class A office buildings with the ability to consolidate offices in accordance with the needs of tenants.The permit for a high level of local buildings, marking the intersection of boulevards and bustling with their specific area. The structure was designed with a height of 82.70 m, related to the composition of his own. The height was determined by the distance from the line to regulatsii Blvd. The King Liberator and Maria Luisa Blvd.

The building consists of three levels of underground parking with a total of 131 vehicles, additional storage and technical rooms and twenty-two floors above ground with 15 public parking spaces.

On the first floor above ground +1.90 organized the main entrance from the north-east, entrance lobby with information and waiting place, separate sanitary place for men and women, as well as a WC otdelnue that meets the requirements for an accessible environment. There are also several offices, telephone exchange and room surveillance. On the same floor there are several rooms for public services, a bank, an insurance office and mobile office operator.

Floor visually connected to the second floor atrium through 7.18, because on the first above-ground floor there is a room for public services, as well - a meeting room with seating for simultaneous interpretation and shop (conference hall will be built with materials ogneupornue), there is also sanitary rooms. The space formed by the atrium provided to meet all the requirements and regulations of British Standard BS 5588 - Part 7 - "Code of Practice for the inclusion of the atria in buildings." Floors should be equipped with the necessary outputs as emergency numbers. Link building done in two axes of movement, as from the first floor above ground begin to two staircases with the direction of all above-ground levels and the future direction of the stairs with three levels below ground. Below ground level are also a second staircase to the urgent needs. All cells are designed with stairs emergency exits on the lobby level, is directly on the ground. In accordance with Art. 460 Decree on the construction of Fire, each floor high structure was designed with two emergency exits leading to a smoke-protected staircase.From the first floor to the office, there are three levels of elevator shafts, shaft further rise will serve as the ground floors. All elevator shafts and machine rooms must be provided separate from the building's volume using a rigid refractory walls and roofs with fire-resistant limit of not less than 120 minutes, and the lobby floor, equipped with gas-smoke-tight doors. For several elevators provided with a trigger switch for emergency operations in the event of a fire in the building.

From the level of 12.46 building separating himself as an independent high structure. At this level are the administration and bookkeeping, three offices and sanitary room with two elements, one of them meets the requirements of an accessible environment. Any of the following types of fourteen floors includes four offices and sanitary place with two cells, one of which meets the requirements for an accessible environment. For the type of floor there are five levels of office and 4 levels. Eti levels respectively composed of:

The level of 61.96 - four offices and sanitary place with two cells, one of them to meet the requirements for an accessible environment.

Level 65.26 - three offices and sanitary place with two cells, one of them to meet the requirements for an accessible environment.

Level 68.56 - two offices and sanitary place with two cells, one of them to meet the requirements for an accessible environment.

Level 71.86 - two offices and sanitary place with two cells, one of them to meet the requirements for an accessible environment.

Level 75.16 - two offices and sanitary place with two cells, one of them to meet the requirements for an accessible environment.

Office designed for the more than 15 people, the front door is provided in the direction of escape.

Obslizhivaschie ladder level can reach the highest level 77.96. The roof is suitable for a helicopter evacuation for people in the building in the event of an emergency.

In the opening parts of the building is prohibited on the facade. For offices and other service areas predosmotra ventilation with mandatory triple air exchange per hour, as well as air conditioning.

Predosmotra platform for car fire brigade with dimensions 15,5 x12.5 m in the immediate vicinity of the building.

The total floor area of ​​8,533 sq.m.

Building parameters (for administration block)

Living area: 936.93 m2

Total area: 15,271.47 m2

Obschiya living area (in accordance with the spatial development): 8533.63m2

The total number of parking spaces serving the Administration Building: 146

Podzemnue parking spaces: 131

Open-air parking spaces: 15

Necessary parking, in accordance with Decree no. 2, Art. 24 (1), Table 2,

In the office area (8,655.63 m2) - 96

Expected revenues from the project: 13 million Euro

For more information please contact us at the address or telephone Moscow +7 (499) 6385869 or by phone +359 (878) 420207.

VARNA 9000 - Central Office, REMTECHSTROY ® Group

Address: 9010 Varna, Industrial Zone
Call Center RU: +7 (499) 6.38586 million
Call Center BG: +359 (52) 319980
Fax: +359 (52) 319990
Mailing address for correspondence: VARNA 9000, Well-to Troshevo, unit 15-B-40

Customer Service Center (REM Call Center):
Call Center RU: +7 (499) 6.38586 million
Call Center BG (PBX Operator): +359 (52) 319980 (8.00-19.00 * pm, except Sundays)
Phone (direct): +359 (52) 319980 immediately as soon as you hear a tone, dial ext. 105 or vnut.106
Phone (direct): +359 (52) 319980 ext. 105 or ext. 106 (* 8.30-19.00 hours, except Sunday, 8.30-13.00 * hours on Saturday)
(*) Central European Time UTC +1
email: web@remtechnology.eu

Service center corporate clients:
Call Center RU: +7 (499) 6.38586 million
Call Center BG (PBX Operator): +359 (52) 319980 (8.00-19.00 * pm, except Sundays)
Phone (direct): +359 (52) 319980 immediately as soon as you hear a tone, dial ext. 108
Phone (direct): +359 (52) 319980 ext. 108 (8.30-23.00 * h)
(*) Central European Time UTC +1
email: remceo@remtechstroy.eu

€ 8.890.000




Project type: Renewal of circulating capitallType of investment(s): Financial partnerProject status: ExpansionThe partner: The supplierPayback: 5 yearBusiness competition: нетAudience: Европа, Россия
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05 September 2013
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18 September 2013
Да есть все, строительное разрешение, земля собствена, обект начен, и можем построить под ключ. смотрите: http://www.t ampers.eu/GalssTowerVarna.html кирилизация на руском сверху слева . Для информации: +359-878-420207
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