VIP - 5 - star resort ***** Black Sea - Bulgaria is looking for investors


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VIP - 5 - star resort ***** Black Sea - Bulgaria is looking for investors

VIP - 5 - star resort ***** Black Sea - Bulgaria from the investor seeking a strategic Russian - for the project.

Need Investment: 120,000,000 euros. The market value of the project, land and real estate under construction serialization: 240,000,000 euros - 150% garantsiya providing investment the investor in property, state guarantees, etc.




VIP - 5 - star Sea Resort ***** is a new leisure centers such as Golden Sands, Sunny Beach, Burgas and Varna.

The opportunity to buy a very large plot of about 1,000,000 m ² for purchase at the price of 30.00-50.00 € per m ².

The land belongs to the state. Thus, we have to negotiate with only one owner.

We have received several other offers for the sale of the area from an area of ​​1,000 sq.m. to 70,000 sq. m.

The average price is currently 70.00 euros for large parcels to 120.00 euros per square meter. (For small areas)

So here is profitable to buy land to divide and sell separately.

Profits over the next two years will be about 300%. However, negotiations regarding the acquisition of the owner (the State BG) can be carried out only when funding is secured the investor.

Immediately after the project you can buy land to build a golf course in any size. This will increase the attraction area.

For the construction of the buildings of the complex offers a mixed participation for hotels, houses, flats and apartments for sale or rent.

In the present calculations, I came out of the rental of a private company to the potential income to be determined.

The calculation of earnings COMPLEX hotel is based on the information the hotel group, which has worked here for many years, the group IBEROSTAR.

I made a 50% profit in the first year of operation.

This amount does not include a possible increase in the number of visitors and the rise in prices.

In the Golf Hotel I made to the identified surplus to a surcharge of 30%, which is probably too low. This corresponds to the rental cost about € 40,00 per.At night in the 50 square meter room 5-star hotel is likely to be at least twice as high.

In addition, there is considerable potential for the further construction of hotels.

The same applies to the construction of other villas and apartments on the golf estate. Increases in the rental sector, which will also be expected here, due to the extended seasons. Also contributing to the planned equestrian center.

More on imputed planned cultivation possible. There remains a residual area of ​​approximately 330,000 m ². It may also be implemented or built and sold objects.

Potential residential development in this area is about 660,000 square meters. When a surplus of about 500 to 600 euros per sqm UTB significant profit potential.

To increase the demand on this site, we have provided the construction of several sports facilities in the area tennis, water sports (water slides, diving, etc.), football, horse riding.

Marina with restaurant and shopping scene in the beach area, as well as a kind of pedestrian zone in a residential area is also provided.

Draft extends generally over 12 years, but may be shortened or lengthened as necessary.

The big advantage for the realization of the object is one of a dominant position for the region you are taking for an object of this size, which allows a significant impact on the look and image.

Implementation is planned for Cyprus as a holding company, parent company receives the loan and, in turn, provides loans to project companies (subsidiaries) in Bulgaria.

"Daughters" take all of the profits of "mother." So part of the potential gains from taxation in Bulgaria (15% income tax) is transferred in Cyprus (10% income tax).

Possible options for that part of the property to give immediate sale at a higher price.

There is a business project, detailed calculations, marketing, revenue projections and profit.Estimated net profit of 300% in two years!

The asking price for the entire project: Please proidite authorization to see the price without VAT
For more information please contact us at the address or telephone Moscow +7 (499) 6385869 or by phone +359 (878) 420207.


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€ 120.000.000



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    Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Financial partnerProject status: The business plan, the feasibility reportThe partner: The representative of state body and establishmentsPayback: 12 yearBusiness competition: нетAudience: Россия, Европа
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