Ural development. modernization of the existing wood processing


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Ural development. modernization of the existing wood processing

The result of this project is to modernize the existing wood processing and sales of manufactured products up to 10 000 m3 per year. Reference: - Site area: 10,847 sq.m. - Capital structure: bldg. Garage - 90.8 square meters, build. office - 154.8 square meters, build. Sawmill - 201 sqm, build. carpentry workshop - 832.2 square meters, w / d deadlock length 69 meters. - Equipment: Stoves SM-15, recovery of waste wood boiler HWR-250 tank antiseptatsii timber crane DEK-25, jointer (industr.) - 2 pcs., The power cutter, milling machines - 4 pcs., Band saw, sawmill PRM-02, the highway IDB-1100 Trimming machine SC-50 lathe, grinding machine, drilling machine, drilling machine pozavalno, otsilindrovochny machine SBS - 22. - Communications: electricity - 180 kW., facility. water, center. heating (office space) + own boiler (mfr. room), central sewerage, CTA. Horizon consideration of the project is 5 years. Within the horizon of the project under consideration is as follows: Payback period of investment costs of the project - 3 years from the start of the project. The internal rate of return of the project (IRR) - 19%. The maximum lending rate of 18% of the project. Return on investment (NPVR) - 21%

€ 300.000


Свердловская область

Project specialization


Project type: Upgrading of operating manufactureType of investment(s): Financial leasingProject status: StartThe partner: On introduction of products and decisionsPayback: 38 month
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30 September 2016
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