unique machine for large diameter annular surfaces milling


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unique machine for large diameter annular surfaces milling


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Dear Mr. Director,

Enterprise Ltd. "Ivstankoprom" offers you to consider a proposal to supply your address special portable machine for the treatment of annular surfaces and cutting planes of large diameter. The machine is developed by our company with the use of imported components, is a unique development, LLC "Ivstankoprom" successfully completed its certification and patenting.

Description of the machine.


Information about the machine and a video of his work at the customer posted on our website http://ivstankoprom.ru/new_works.html .

The machine consists of a central column 1 based on the hole D = 1100H8 workpiece. In the central column 1 with two slewing devices VLA200844 f.INA mounted rotary column 2, which is rigidly fixed arm 3 and 4 platform counterweight.

3 fixed on the hand feed unit 5 of the horizontal slide 6, consisting of sliding guides 7, 8 and trapezoidal screw horizontal feed motor 9.

On the horizontal caliper 6 located vertical support 10, consisting of sliding guides 11, 12 and trapezoidal screw vertical feed motor 13.

On the vertical support 10 is located spindle device 14, the spindle 15 is actuated by the main engine 16.

Spindle 15 fixed cutter 17. Determined by the configuration type milling machined surface.

Circular flow is performed by hand 3 18 carts on which the actuator 19 and the circular filing additional weight 20 (the figure not shown). The force of the 18 carts on hand 3 is transmitted through the coupling 21.

When you move the horizontal slide 6 from one working position to the other platform counterweight 4 set one main load 23 and three removable cargo (the figure not shown).

Technical parameters of the machine for cutting annular surfaces.


3-phase, 380V, 50Hz

Processed products diameters, mm

Minimum Ø6 4 00

Maximum Ø10000

Move the milling head along the tool axis, mm


Progress along the console milling head, mm


Remote control of the machine

On the remote console

Siemens CNC system

Sinumerik 808D

Drive motor

Asynchronous frequency-controlled f.Siemens

Total power consumption


Stand for storage and transportation

there is

Weight, kg

2 May 00

The cost of this machine is: from 150.000 Euro on EXW Ivanovo, Russia,

specified at the time of order and depends on the technical performance and imported components installed.

In this special machine for your technical project design improvements are possible by prior agreement with you.

By purchasing our machine, your company gets rid of the significant financial costs and time-consuming when processing large parts annular surface.

In case of your interest we are ready to discuss your questions and provide more information on this equipment.







Director of "IVSTANKOPROM" AVKosyakin











Gleb V.

Director of FEA









€ 150


Россия, ЦФО, Иваново

Project specialization


Project type: Expansion of the operating manufactureType of investment(s): Extra financingProject status: ExpansionThe partner: The distributor, the dealer, the distributor,resellerPayback: 6 monthBusiness competition: нетAudience: СНГ

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