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UnderClub - service for musicians


Modern show business can not be easily "unwind" independent musicians. To find an audience, we have a lot of work on the lighting of his work, and on a completely different online and offline resources to get you noticed. And on the other hand, the organizers (producers and promoters) are difficult to assess the real demand for an obscure artist or collective, gathering information and opinion about the listeners it bit by bit from all sources. Do not forget about the simple music lovers who have to dig playlists mountains in search of the only thing that they really "catchy".

Solving the problem

Our project provides a service that solves the problem of the marked up. Portal options UnderClub greatly simplify life and musicians, providing them with convenient tools for development in one place, and industry professionals, allowing a maximum guarantee of success musicians, the satisfaction of quality of the organizers and delight the crowds of fans who may be directly involved in the promotion of your favorite artist.

Value solutions

Currently in Russia there are so thoughtful services that combine all the functionality of our project. There are social networks for musicians have portals on the presentation of his music services for communication with production centers, but it is fragmented and has nothing to do with each other. In Europe and the U.S. services like ours are just beginning to develop, but in original condition have considerable success.

Where is the money

There are several models of monetization service. Most relevant ads look (1-2 permanent banner), providing paid tools to advance, the interest on transactions entered into through the service, etc.

About team

At the moment, we already have a team, which includes programmers with extensive experience in developing projects heavily, creative designers, testers and copywriters. Start developing with the team at any time, each of them takes care to make the project even better.

Current Status

Now completed the development of the project idea on which will be built architecture and logic of the program. Partially developed prototypes of web pages, which you can already estimate the future shape of the site.

On completion of prototyping need 2 weeks, will go parallel study of architecture and that a complete specification. After that, proceed directly to the design, the first test version needs another month of our team. Thus, to evaluate the first results will be after six weeks.

€ 6.000



Project specialization


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Join in the capital Project status: The business plan, the feasibility reportPayback: 2 yearBusiness competition: Заметные конкуренты только на западном рынке.Audience: Музыканты и профессионалы музыкальной отрасли, муз
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