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Transport company


We've managed to sign a contract for the supply of the developer
Fuel oil shelf. The contract guarantees a monthly order worth 3000 000 rubles from one machine. Supply must be carried out with the help of road transport. For the beginning of the contract must be purchased by tank truck tractor with a total cost of 2.6 million rubles. Costs of all necessary documents, transport equipment and operating losses amount to 400 000 rubles. Just needed working capital in the amount of 1000 000 rubles, as a monthly insurance coverage contract. Net profit per month, including repayment of borrowings is 1000 000 rubles.

Financial plan

Funds needed to run services on transportation fuels:
4,000,000 rubles.

Tractor - 1.5 million rubles.

Tank (semi) -
1.1 million rubles.

Transportation equipment from place of purchase to the place of permanent
dislocation - 200 000 rubles.

Registration of legal entities and registration of permits -
100 000 rubles.

Operating loss in the translation of settlement funds - 50 000 rubles.

Insurance contract providing one million rubles. The specified amount
paid on the deposit of the fuel filler station owners,
providing a guaranteed amount of fuel in the amount of 350 cubic
meters at a fixed price per month.

Other costs 50,000 rubles.

Monthly expenses:

Maintenance and parking of vehicles on the carpool 250 000 rubles.

FOT - 500 000 (including

POL - 300 000 rubles.

Insurance -
100 000 rubles.

Total: 1 150 000 rubles.

Costs in the first year

Maintenance and parking of vehicles on the carpool 3 000 000.

SHOOT - 6,000,000 rubles (including overhead).

POL - 3.6 million rubles.

Insurance - 1200000

Insurance contract providing one million rubles.

Total: 14.8 million rubles.

Note: Expenses overstated in each parameter (except insurance) in
average of 10% to cover unaccounted production risks.


Price perform one booking (flight) to deliver 32 cubic meters of fuel
is 300 000 rubles.

Monthly income of performing 10
orders will be 3,000,000

Monthly net income, excluding taxes and fees amount to 1.85 million rubles.

Annual net income excluding tax, fees and repayment of borrowings
will amount to 22.2 million rubles.

must take into account the fact that the time since the acquisition of technology to
the completion of the registration of all permits and commencement of
Services will be at least 45 days.

Thus, the operational breakeven
(Including repayment of borrowings) reached the third month of operation.

Operational security for repayment of borrowings

To start business
planned borrowing of $ 4 000 000 per
year at 20%. The loan is issued

To ensure the return
Loan and leveling production and other risks is provided
special legal system of production organization. It will protect the underlying asset. One of the founders is registered as a sole proprietorship and formalize the ownership
FE tractor and tank. Later leases specified vehicles
limited liability company, which in its own name service providers of transportation fuels. This will avoid imposing all sorts of restrictions on technology as a means of production, in case of force majeure and reduce the tax base.

registered as a sole trader, both appointed by the responsible person to ensure that the loan agreement. Despite the fact that all shareholders are specified in the loan agreement and are
equal responsibility. This scheme allows to urgently implement the purchase of equipment at the impossibility of repayment in the event of an emergency. Sum of the rapid implementation of technology
(Subject to sale at price 20% below the market) will be
2 million rubles.At maturity the remaining amount will be sent
working capital and earnings of participants. This scheme will provide maximum protection of financial
interests of the person providing the loan.

For operational security for the loan participant is responsible for return opens checking account in his name. Refund is made by transfer to the account specified tranches face provided a loan in accordance with the specified schedule.

Loan repayment schedule:

July - borrowing and the purchase of machinery.

August - registration required permits, insurance, get started.

September - the first payment of 400,000 rubles.

October - the second installment 400 000 rubles.

November - third payment 500 000.

December - the fourth transfer 500 000.

January - the fifth transfer 500 000.

February - the sixth payment 500 000.

March - the seventh transfer 500 000.

April - eighth transfer 500 000.

May - the ninth transfer 500 000.

June - the tenth transfer 500 000.

Total 4 800 000 rubles.

responsible person:

Vladimir Kostyaev

E-mail: fes-inves@list.ru

Additional E-mail: Vladimir_kostyal@mail.ru

Phone for communication
+7-909-805-55-05 Local Time - city
Vladivostok (11 hours).


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