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Tourist ECO base

It is proposed to consider the description of the project for the construction of sozdaniyu-, eco-tourism base on (EB) on a plot of 53 hectares. District location E.B.- unique blend of cultural heritage (the source of the font), with natural conditions (forest, lake). Distance Moscow 140 km. Novorizhskoye co-lo.

The project includes: 1) the preparatory work. 2) construction of EB 3) the creation of a unique design folk village. 4) the garden, planting perennials in view of features of the natural landscape.

General information about the project: 1) coverage: 2.5 ml. pers. -2 Ml. north western part of Moscow, 500 thous. pers. next areas of Moscow, Smolensk, Tver region. 2) the locations of the Moscow region., Shakhovskoi borough,, forest glade. 3) type sobstvennosti- private. 4) The number of jobs 9-12. 5) operation for 24 hours.

Technology: environmentally friendly, high-tech, active, event tourism with elements of folklore of the village.

The project is realized within 7 years. Necessary investments 80 ml. p. 5 years. As the sources of funding are possible-venture investments, direct investments, loans, credit.

Estimated terms of investment security: -part of the land plot of 15 hectares (discussed), periodic payments to the investor, insurance.

The result of the successful implementation of the project should be organized system of public provision of tourist services, stable financial income, positive public reputation, strong demand. The ultimate goal, along with the income is to provide a public venue for various leisure.


Sergey E. +7 966-3267741 aws09@mail.ru

€ 2.100.000


Московская область


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: The business plan, the feasibility reportThe partner: Business club, business community, a joint enterprisePayback: 60 monthBusiness competition: нетAudience: 2500000
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