The stabilization system of small arms and other


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The stabilization system of small arms and other

The system prevents the rejection of manual of small arms as a result of the recoil when shooting with fast interactive intelligent guidance. Purpose - to special units. Patent of Russian Federation - 104 688. A bullet with a system samorazgona - flatness increases, lowers the resistance to acceleration of the bullet in the barrel by cutting the stem and allows more time to save the kinetics of the bullet. Armor-piercing bullet special - can improve the kinetics of armor-piercing bullets by weight of a standard. Bezgilzovoe weapons - Increased power shot and simplified design of the munition. High-speed projectile kinetic energy high - affects any armored target due to the high kinetic energy carried by - provides even defeat targets protected "active " armor (not elekromagnitnaya - not "railgun "!!!). The system of noiseless and flameless fire - provides almost complete noise suppression and fire - for the special units.

The stabilization system manual of small arms stabilization exercises aiming point by removing the angular deviations of weapons during the shooting. The system improves the accuracy of fire, which guarantees the defeat even equipped with personal goals and protivopulevoy ballistic protection. Thus, the presence of "Easy sight " - easy sight allows the soldier not waste your time and attention on the combination rear sight with front sight and a purpose that improves accuracy and speed of opening the return fire against the enemy. The same system "Easy sight " allows the soldier to define more precisely the nature of the object or foe, it is very important, such as special anti-terrorist operations to free hostages. The remaining activities will be carried out only after successful completion of a project to stabilize the system hand-held weapons.



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